Sequel to the Yuri's Revenge. 12 factions + bonus one. Original red alert 2 units + dozens of new.

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well yes this is about the Chrono legionnaire, and will also work with other chrono units. no its not a copy of the ShockWave one its actually better than it and guess what?!?! i did it by myself with no help from anyone else, so in a way, i beat SHW!!! If you watch the video you'll notice its much faster than the SHW version. please read on...

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[17:57] Admiral: i got it working
[17:57] Admiral: i told u but it said high latency so... but yeah all packed up so ill email it to u right now
[17:57] Lazy Shi: really?
[17:58] Lazy Shi: so it works with veterancy?
[17:58] Admiral: yeah all good
[17:58] Lazy Shi: dammit!
[17:58] Admiral: what?
[17:58] Lazy Shi: thats why you're our coder!
[17:58] Admiral: lol thanks

he's talking about the chrono legionnaire which i got to carry over the veterancy. heres a description: the way the code works is it kills the original unit (so if you use these units a lot on the amount of units that died at the end of the game, yeah its gonna be through the roof!) and creates a duplicate at the area you click, and i finally got the veterancy to carry over. currently its in "power" form meaning you have to click a button to get him to move to where you want. im gonna see if i can figure out how to make it his regular movement.

okay i uploaded a video and here are some questions you might have about it:

Q: Why are you using a saboteur?
A: well its simple... GLA has the most infantry of all of the factions and even tho its an allied unit i gave it to them for that reason stated before.

Q: What gun is that and why is it coming out of his feet?
A: 1. its jarmen kell's sniper gun 2. its coming out of his feet because i gave him the gun and since saboteur has no gun theres no animations or model for it and i was to lazy to model a new gun and add the animations just for a unit that wont be seen ever again after this.

Q: When he tele's it looks like he died, why?
A: like stated above, he actually does die. In the final version with the allies he'll have a proper teleport looking death and move (if you remember in RA2 when he moved he tele'd and when he died he tele'd)

Q: Why are you so cool?
A: well i just am what i am, i can't help it. :P

Now that you've read this we have approved you to access this top secret movie

|------****TOP SECRET MOVIE****-----|
| |||--->***---> MOVIE <---***<---||| |
|------****TOP SECRET MOVIE****-----|

If anyone wants some pointers on coding this for there own mod, let me know :)


sounds cool

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Admiral-165 Author

thanks too bad it wont be in the alpha release which reminds me: Lazy Shi y are u getting me to work on allies stuff if their not gonna be in the alpha!?!? i could be working on the soviets!

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