Seven factions, two wars, one battlefield. Devastation is IMMINENT...

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It is time for the Chimera to be known again...
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I've pretty much completed both the Allies and the Soviets, now is the time to reintroduce the Chimera. Let's start with their tier 1 infantry shall we? Infantry is one of the Chimera's strengths, being vastly superior compared to their (current) counterparts. As a drawback, they're expensive and the Chimera don't really have a good economy...

Disciples are very effective at dispatching infantry, light vehicles, even light structures when in considerable numbers. Their effectiveness against bigger, heavier targets are limited though. Coupled with their short range, minimum body armour, and expensive cost, they also tend to die quickly if not used properly and such losses are costly.

Aggressors are pretty much Disciples built for anti-armour and anti-structure duties, being armed with powerful Perforator nail guns that can shred through said targets quickly. They're not very effective against infantry and also suffer from limited range and high costs. A notable difference is that they have much more armour compared to other tier 1 anti-armour infantry, befitting of their more "up close and personal" tactics.

The Spawn is the Chimera's twisted version of an Attack Dog. A small robotic device encased in a gross fleshy body, it is surprisingly fast and has a large sight range, useful for scouting. They can also detect and eliminate spies. It is totally useless against anything other than infantry and even then some infantry are immune to it's attacks. It tends to explode messily, contaminating a small patch of land that is harmful towards anything exposed by it.

Technicians are the Chimera's engineers who are also their universal repair unit. Telling them to deploy will cause them to contaminate a sizeable patch of land with Stroyent, a substance that heals infantry and repairs vehicles exposed to it. You can use this handy ability to revitalise whole armies on the field but be careful as enemy units are also affected by the healing.

credit: Dark Elf,Atomic Noodles

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