The town of Coonersville has rebelled. The citizens there have overthrown the security forces and established a base at the top of the mountain. The town was heavily shelled with headcrab canisters, forcing the rebels into hiding. A Combine Overwatch sweeper team cleared the remaining forces and took over the base. The Combine have turned the base into Quiver Mountain Research Facility and Military Installment aka Installation 34. Recently, the Citadel has lost contact with Installation 34 and the Administrator believes that the underground rebels have resurfaced and retaken the installation. The surface has been shelled, but knowledge of the current situation is vague at best. The Administrator is regrouping the Transhuman forces for security operations. Support in this mission is therefore light. You are the squad leader for a team being deployed at the farside service hangar. Your mission is to infiltrate the installation, assess the situation and eliminate rebels.

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Great perspective on the whole thing, could've used a bit more rebel fighting, and a bit less zombie blasting, but overrall I really enjoyed it.

Its one of those mods that sound good on paper but what it all really comes down to is whether the level design is any good. Thats where it falters and its the only way it needs to falter in order to be rated average at best.

+Reskin is quite a simple job. Your hud is blue now. What functional difference is there? Manhacks/barriers/camera's are on your side. Which is a nice gimmick.
-This was far from a good mod in terms of levels, I was expecting lots of artificial/samey looking hallways in combine territory. What I got was lots of samey looking cave areas and combine areas.
-Fights with humans where harder than I thought but still not at all anymore interesting than fights with combine. Its sad to see that both are so interchangeable that it really doesn't matter which way your gun is pointing.
-Being combine opens up opportunities for story telling, I was expecting something plain and simple, I got just that. Its as by the numbers as you'd expect with some non-sense thrown in. Like the resistance capturing a combine for some reason and placing him in a broken down house with no one watching guard and leaving a crowbar there inside for him (you). I wasn't expecting anything spectacular but that seems rather lazy, an excuse to teleport you to a different city like location, that ends rather quickly just to go back into some more caves before fizzling towards the end.

By end I just felt like something wasn't handled anywhere near as well as it could have been. This could have been to hl2 what Opposing Force/Blue Shift was to HL. I guess I'll search else where for that kind of mod.


BshiftCalhoun says

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Combine Destiny looks like a good mod for its time. Not many Combine-related mods were out there back when Half-Life 2 was recently released. However, it's not perfect.

/Level Design (6/10)/

The levels are okay, but often feel mundane. Some levels have interesting architecture, make no mistake, but there are other times where it's dull and feels unfinished, such as the cavern after the town level. Also, a lot of the levels are pitch black, which doesn't help with the ****** Half-Life 2 flashlight (I can't blame the devs though, since this mod was released before Episode 2).

/Gameplay (6/10)/

The mod could have used more variety. For instance, 85% of the mod is about shooting headcrab zombies (especially fast zombies), 5% antlions and 10% rebels. I know there aren't many enemies around once the whole line of Combine NPCs are your ally now, but rebels should have took a more important part in the mod, not zombies.

Another thing that bugged me was the lack of other Combine soldiers in most levels. Sometime, you encounter them, but either they can't follow along anymore (or at all) or they die for whatever reason. When you have Combine soldiers following you, it's mostly just two or three of them. Other than that, you're on your own 80% of the time. My point being, they should have been here more often. After all, you're a Combine soldier, which means it's strength in numbers, but in this mod, you mostly feel like a Combine Gordon Freeman (even your viewmodel is a blue HEV suit). I was relieved when I saw Combine soldiers and even elites at the end.

/Plot (6/10)/

The scenario is pretty generic. Rebels took over a town and a Combine installation, the Combine shelled the town with headcrab canisters (which would explain the insane amount of zombies, except for the ones underground) and your and other squads are ordered to mop up the rest. This sounds like the first mission of a much bigger game, like just the warm-up of the mod. Unfortunately, it's the whole mod.

Now tell me, if the Combine shelled the rebel town, why risk dispatching Combine squads to infested areas? The zombie influence is so high that the rebels have little chance to survive, especially with low supplies. Hell, even the commander (I assume the guy messaging you from time to time is the commander in charge of the operation) was surprised when your squad encountered zombies at the beginning. The Overwatch should have just called it a day on this one, because y'know, they didn't need to send soldiers when they shelled Ravenholm, did they? There were no Combine soldier corpses around when Gordon passed by, after all (the Combine soldiers from E3 Ravenholm don't count!).

Anyway, after spending countless time killing zombies on your own, the whole sweep operation ended up being a total ****-up and you eventually had to retreat. Before you could do that though, rebels knocked you out back in Installation 34, carried you in a truck and left you in a house filled with decayed bodies while keeping you untied and leaving a crowbar for you to grab. Why was this even necessary, why couldn't they just kill you? No, instead they grab you and drop you in an unguarded house without even checking if you're dead. They could have used you as hostage, even though it won't work against a merciless regime like the Combine Overwatch, but they took the James Bond villain route. Pretty lazy, if you ask me.

So after that, you wander in a Ravenholm-like town, a Ravenholm-like cemetery, then a Ravenholm-like cave. Finally, you're inside another underground base, you encounter more Combine soldiers and zombies, you run toward a dropship for extraction and..... To be continued. Yeah.... The only satisfaction I got from the ending was the fact that I didn't have to shoot zombies anymore. I was hoping Combine Destiny 2 would come to revive this mod and majorly improve the series, and it looked really promising, but the whole thing went radio silence since 2011, which is quite a downer.


To conclude this, the mod is still average. Of course, it's a mod from 2005, so you shouldn't expect something big like Human Error and Entropy: Zero, but I certainly hope the devs would make everything better in Combine Destiny 2 (if they ever come back to it eight years later). Y'know, kind of like that mod created by different devs: "The Citizen: Returns", which was an improvement from its old 2008 predecessor, "The Citizen".

Nonetheless, I still recommend it to whoever wants to play a Combine soldier campaign without caring much about the details.


Sgtwok says

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The mod is fun, however, the developer throws an ungodly number of fast headcrabs and fast headcrab zombies at you, like, jesus christ, I spent a minute in an elevator hitting fast headcrabs with the baton as they were coming down as though it were baseball. It's not even just zombies, it's literally a metric ton of fast headcrabs and fast headcrabs zombies, so much so that this actually affected my gaming experience. Not enough ammo is sent your way, which in a combine facility, makes little sense, and many of the puzzles were difficult to figure out, and I often could find myself lost.

a big good job with the atmosphere

Amazing. It's a nice concept to play as the Combine.

The mod was awesome, but there's a lot left to do and a lot of things to explain, why the hell when you arrive at the final at the mod you begin i think you closed in a truck/car (?), then you wake up on a house on the town (?) that literally killed the mod itself because it was awesome at the begining you drop with some combine soldiers, anyways great mod but i think it needs a lot of improvement and somethings deleted like the part of the town.


This mod got an interesting atmosphere, where you fight your way through an isolated underground complex, caves and an abandoned town. Most present enemis are zombies - especially the fast zombies and groups of headcrabs, but also a lot of normal ones - which isn't bad, because they are fun to slaughter. Also there are rebels, which are even on normal difficulty a tough enemy. Lastly the AR2, whose ammo is rare, has been tweaked to be even more powerful.

But on the other hand: Sadly, the interesting sections of the game are way too short, namely fighting alongside other Combine, commanding a squad, using combine tech (which is anyway just the turret), fighting rebels, etc. If for the Combine feel, I recommend to try Human Error instead, it's by far the best combine mod out there in my opinion.


This mod is awesome.I love it.

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Great perspective on the whole thing, could've used a bit more rebel fighting, and a bit less zombie blasting, but overrall I really enjoyed it.

Jun 28 2012 by imweezel60