17th Century mod for Empire Total War including new models, textures, rulers and historical events.

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Blasting fun, a very good mod, with the effort put into it clearly showing!

lo siento simplemente segui los pasos y al iniciar el juego se crashea

Mod has a lot of potential but the bugs really ruin this mod for me. I hope they get fixed so I can give it a 10 which is what this mod deserves

Great mod,but some of it was not historically accurate,but hopefully,it will in future updates.Muskets,pikes,the action!I really had fun playing it.


With the fix its now a great expirence!


I give 10 to this mod because I see many work on it and I know the devloper(s) will work more on it,and the will be more awsome!

A fantastic bookend of a mod that fills the sizeable gap left between MTW and Empire.


It a good, ambitious mod trying to simulate the early 17th Century. Nevertheless, the mod is quite "half-done" after all those years, Unit card problem still presents, an Undecidable nature of the Creator is the main problem of the mod, he can’t decide "where" his mod will start. with 1.0 start on 1600 (hech the name: "Colonialism 1600AD") later he push start late a bit to 1605 and here we are at 4.0 with start date at 1611 (in reality the game start on 1616 probably because Stapos problem), also He can’t decide what faction he currently work on, Sometime he might work on England, tomorrow he might work on Scotland without getting any of them done because he want to work on both. But that is better than the Ottoman and Indian factions, Since he never actually focus on them. And now another problem is on the horizon, he begins work on late era submod (without completing the main one) instead of just focus on one period before moving to another. And as I look through his Sceneshots wall on the "S" platform, He seem to work on another mod (again) call AWI. And with that, the future of this mod remains unknown.


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Blasting fun, a very good mod, with the effort put into it clearly showing!

Jun 13 2014 by Dennizjoon