17th Century mod for Empire Total War including new models, textures, rulers and historical events.

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Blasting fun, a very good mod, with the effort put into it clearly showing!

Mod has a lot of potential but the bugs really ruin this mod for me. I hope they get fixed so I can give it a 10 which is what this mod deserves

Great mod,but some of it was not historically accurate,but hopefully,it will in future updates.Muskets,pikes,the action!I really had fun playing it.


With the fix its now a great expirence!


I give 10 to this mod because I see many work on it and I know the devloper(s) will work more on it,and the will be more awsome!


Fenghuan says

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cool mod

It's ok but I can't recruting line inflantry as Commonwealth. At start of the game I have some units of them but I can;t recruting

This mod has good looking units and gets the 17th century feel down pretty well. Overall, great mod.

However, I noticed a couple of minor things that were problematic and broke the immersion.

-puckle guns recruitable in campaign
-some of the naval units look 17th century such as the galleons and fluyts but others such as the frigates and ships of the line are still 18th century. I also noticed 18th century style ships of the line/frigates are starting units on the campaign map. I understand that frigates and ships of the line existed in the 17th century but in the mod they retain the 18th century design. I believe these out of place ships should be removed to keep in line with the theme of the mod.
-some ottoman musket units have floating guns when they enter melee combat
-menu music uses the new music pack but arabic music from the vanilla game plays in battles and native american music plays on the campaign map. Not sure if this is a glitch or still not developed at this point.
-just my opinion but I believe many of the melee units might be a little too strong in numbers and defense

Despite these points, this mod is still very enjoyable in its current state. If these minor issues are fixed it will be even more fun to play.

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Blasting fun, a very good mod, with the effort put into it clearly showing!

Jun 13 2014 by Dennizjoon