CnCHolland is a classic mod by Ome_Vince, which brings the often-overlooked Dutch into the C&C;Generals story-line.

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Small Fan Information!


Its been a while again. Well we have finally finished the CnC Holland DVD cover and made some copies for the crew! This is a special edition with Audio...

CnC Holland Beta 1.7 Released !

News 1 comment

Its been a while since we announced the release of CnC Holland Beta 1.7. We have been having alot of difficulties with the AI scripting. This however...

CnC Holland Beta 1.7 !


It's been a while since any CnC Holland update. We haven't been sitting still. We have been working hard on Beta 2, but we felt the community...

CnC Holland Beta 1.6 Released !

News 2 comments

I am pleased to inform you the CnC Holland Team has launched Beta 1.6 ! Not only that but we have updated the website too. The About section now has the...

CnC Holland Beta 1.6 release date !

News 1 comment

CnC Holland Beta 1.6 is nearing release. This beta will not only include countless bug-fixes and balance issues, but also has improved graphical elements...

CnC Holland Beta 1.5 released !

News 1 comment

I am pleased to inform you the CnC Holland Team has launched Beta 1.5! Not only that but we have a complete nieuw website too. Beta 1.5 can easily be...

New CnC Holland Beta 1.5 Units!


The CnC Holland site has just been updated with screenshots from 2 new units which will also be included in the upcoming beta1.5! The new units are the...

CnC Holland Beta 1.1 Released !


We are proud to anounce that CnC Holland Beta1.1 has been released to the public today! After the succes of the first Beta1.0 to Camp-Zone 2004, we made...

New Dutch Super Weapon

News 1 comment

CnC Holland is not dead! A larg part of the team had exams last month. We have just completed the new Dutch super weapon building ! This building is a...

CnC Holland in Pc Zone !

News 5 comments

This months Benelux edition of the Pc Zone contains an article about CnC Holland. We are very glad CnC Holland has been featured in the Pc Zone as we...

Dutch Colonial Troops and Spy completed

News 1 comment

CnC Holland has just completed their Spy unit and Colonial Troops. The spy will be a reinactment of the Red Alert 1 + Red Alert 2 spy. And can be chosen...

CnC Holland Infantry Update.


We have just updated CnC Holland with 3 new infantry units. They are all ready for ingame use. The completed infantry units are : Hans the Schutter ...

New model updates!

News 5 comments

We have just completed new models for CnC Holland. Also alot of models have been put ingame. Map packs are being released to the mappers to create Holland...

New Buildings. !!!

News 4 comments

We have just completed 2 new buildings for CnC Holland. The dutch Airfield : The dutch Embassy ( money income ) greetings from Fieldmarshal Vincent Team...

Major unit update

News 3 comments

Hello. We have just completed 6 new units for the CnC Holland mod for Generals. They only need skinning, but the renders are impressive. Also alot of...

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