What would happen if in 1988, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assassinated? CNC Fallout is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that postulates this very question.

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Mar 23 2012 Anchor

Hi, I only just got Desura, purely so I could play CNC Fallout. However, the C&C3 I have uses a crack, as I got the game from a friend of mine. Is there any way to play Fallout without needing the autorun stuff on the game disc? Thanks in advance.

Mar 27 2012 Anchor

i didnt get the version cracked. If you have it cracked. it wont work. you need the direct CD for this to work... and now i just threw out more money buying it on Origin... that piece of crap...:eyebrow:

May 25 2012 Anchor

So the cracked version of any games won't work with any mod?
Too bad, but at least I know why all of downloaded mods didn't work to me :(

Gonna uninstall this soon...

Jun 3 2012 Anchor

so if i bought this game on steam this mod wont work???

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