This mod was created with the propose of Faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join\leave a faction, an improved AI, bring Clear Sky faction from S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: Clear Sky and another features.

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Hello stalkers, I want to announce that 2.4.2 is already avaible (Read the cotent part for the link) but due some problems, I can't upload it yet to also I'd like to announce that today (02-10-2011) I've open a facebook page for this mod.

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Well Stalkers, here the link our FB Page ( and the link of csfm 2.4.2 ( ) and the change Log of 2.4.2 :

  • Added Viking Stalker Weapon Overhaul for CSFM;
  • Added Patch#3;
  • Added COP Use Item Sounds by MrSkeyker;
  • Added the ability to join to Clear Sky via xRatx NPC!;
  • Rebalanced Traders Content;
  • Sleep Bag can be dropped now and it can be bought at any trader;
  • Psy Zones : You no longer bleed in Psy-zones, instead you will lose Psy health (That Blue bar near Health Bar in Inventory... Thanks to ZRP);
  • Bug Fix : Fixed a "bug" that duplicates your Sleep Bag;
  • Bug Fix : Fixed a typo that may lead to CTD when you are join at a faction in Shakarov, Lukash and Vorinin;
  • Bug Fix : Fixed the stay time of Ecologist Stalkers in Yantar Ecologists Bunkers;
  • "Bug" Fix : Mole is now semi-immortal (This isn't real a bug fix... I forget to add him semi-immortality);
  • Bug Fix : Added ZRP anomaly_evader and anomaly_holder to prevent bugs with Stalker Are Not Blind Mod and Kruglov path on the Burner Anomalies;
  • Tushkano Corpose (Mutant Part) no longer heals you - Instead it will give you some radiation;
  • Redone & Fixed xrs_armor scheme, now all npc's should properly upgrade to the suits;
  • Restored some vaniila HUD (MP5, VSS and AK74u's);
  • Re-introduced Dexxx's Blowout (with Turn ON\OFF option at xiani_config.script - It does have radom spawns and all factions are able to look for shelter);
  • ... and many many things that I forget to write here :P
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    Woohoo a new version!

    Also being not on facebook is way cooler.

    Is this for 1.0004 or 5 or 6?

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    xRatx Author

    @Petrenko, It is for 1.0005 :D

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    Now i only need to get my german-version to world-wide-version...

    ...i hate germany...

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    Awesome! :)

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