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Discord Server

  • / to open chat
  • G to open the player list
  • Configure player preferences in options

How to install

  • Download the mod from the files section on the ModDB page.
  • Extract the game somewhere on your computer.
  • Enjoy!


  • !cmds
  • !listofskins
  • !skin [name of skin]
  • !spawn [npc]
  • !resetNPCs
  • !kill
  • !mtf
  • !slender (enable slender mode)
  • !disableslend (disable slender mode)


  • Slender13561: Programming and Model fixes
  • Mleczyk76: New Models, Animations and Textures.
  • Regalis: Creating SCP: Containment Breach

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RSS Articles

Progress on the mod

News 2 comments

Hello everyone,

As of recent, we've made some very good progress on the mod, and so we may be able to enter the testing/release stage soon.

Here's some screenshots/videos

Finished MTF AI

After a few tests and a bit of rewriting, the MTFs are finally able to detect other players and shoot them.

SCP-173 Fixes/Completion

Since the first progress video that was uploaded to my channel, SCP-173 has come a long way in terms of it's functionality. After breaking a few times, and fixes, it finally works as intended, and is still as aggressive as it was in the original.

Synced Room Events

Syncing events took a few days due to a lot of rewriting of unoptimized events, and a few issues. But eventually, almost all of the events in the game are synced in the current build of the mod, and all of them will be finished by release.

Dynamic Designations

If you want to see more daily updates on the mod, be sure to join Classic Co-op's Discord Server in which we post more frequent screenshots and videos.

SCP-096 Testing

SCP-096 Testing


After a lot of coding, SCP-096 finally functions with multiple players!

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Version 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0

Full Version 2 comments

SCP:CB Classic Co-op Many more updates to come in the future!

Guest - - 692,379 comments

This is actually really good, I really love the old versions of SCP:CB and always wanted a multiplayer. Being able to play as MTF makes this even better.

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Guest - - 692,379 comments


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Guest - - 692,379 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Keter-Class - - 44 comments

I can't wait to see this! I really am very impressed with this.

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totally_not_kade - - 57 comments

Waiting for this mod impatiently!!

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