This is not a normal mod. It's an DLC pack that contain a lot of mods modified to work with Fakefactroy Cinematic Mod 2013. All mods are distributed across game episodes using bonus map system.
To install Extra Chapters you need to have first the latest version of Cinematic Mod 2013 installed and functional.

This is the distribution list of all mods included:

Nightmare House 2 (2015)

1187: Episode One
-Bonus Maps
-Rogue Train

Half-Life 2(Launcher_EP0)

-Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
-Powerstation 17
-Ravenholm - The Lost Chapter
-Short Missions
-1. Death End Route
-2. Data Place
-Causality Effect
-Riot Act (scene fix, hand fix)
-Rock 24 (scene fix)
-Penetration (scene fix)
-The Lost City
-Coastline to Atmosphere
-Strider Mountain

Half-Life 2: Episode One(Launcher_EP1)

-Lambda Incursion
-Spherical Nightmares
-Spruce Cape Map Pack

Half-Life 2: Episode Two(Launcher_EP2)

-Mission Improbable
-Slums 2 Extended
-Research and Development
-Deep Down
-Baryonic Predicament
-Outpost 16
-Silent Escape
-Short Missions
-1. Aether
-2. Agglutinaatio
-3. Cooldiradical
-4. Cool Forest Walk
-5. Cool Gluon
-6. Cool Mission
-7. Cool Prison Escape
-8. Cool Prison Escape 2
-9. Enthalpy
-10. Enthalpy 2
-11. Redox
-12. Magellanic Stream
-13. Lakeside
-14. Frogotten Valley
-15. Intrusion
-16. BL Onirico
-17. Je Ne Sais Pas
-18. Sniper Yard
-No Escape
-Project 25
-Joutomaa Redux
-The Citizen Returns
-Year Long Alarm
-Forest Train
-Eye Of The Storm
-Station 51
-Raise The Bar
-Avenue Odessa
-Combine Base
-Station 60
-Lost In The Subway Redwell St.
-Dangerous World
-Antlions Everywhere
-Uncertanity Principle
-The Fall Of Ravenholm

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I suspended v1.9 do to a copyright violation that I make.

I didn't know Prospekt was an retail mod on Steam.

Until I remove this mod Google Drive link it's suspended. When new version is ready I will upload EC it again and I'm going to make a new post on ModDB page with changelist and so on.

Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9 Second Update

Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9 Second Update

News 1 comment

Is not much news but the good thing it's that I get back to work :)

Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9 First Update

Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters v1.9 First Update


This article is about the new mods, fixes and futures that the next relase of Cinematic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters will contain

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Version 1.9 (Suspended)

Version 1.9 (Suspended)

Full Version 26 comments

This is a major bug fix. Gaming experience is now better than ever.

Version 1.8

Version 1.8

Full Version 5 comments

This is a Full Version of the mod. And it's fully compatible with latest Cinematic Mod 2013 version (1.24)

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Everything works. With the Half life 2 the bloom is a bit high because non hdr levels but ep1 & 2 the extra chapter mods all work. No issues at all..

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The mod breaks some thing such as no longer being able to communicate with NPCs and features some odd additions such as Spartan soldiers from Halo replacing Combine soldiers. There is also numerous errors in the console when playing regular Cinematic Mod maps.

The maps seem poorly converted so far (tested on Cinematic Mod Half Life 2, not episodes 1 and 2). Union is unbeatable because the brightness is too much, Power-station 17 becomes convoluted on the first stage when you get to a combine generator (there is no clear objective once you get there and a barrier forms stopping you from going back), Riot Act is too bright and dark - unable to progress due to the lack of a weapon in the beginning needed to break the wooden plank barrier. In Penetration all that happens is Gman comes out into the void to stare at you, and that's it (broken). The Lost City is way too difficult especially since the Striders take 7 hits with a rocket and there's no cover. The Strider stands in the direction you need to progress (lack of health as-well). Calamity is another overly bright map making it unplayable. Awakening's first mission crashes during the intro and the second mission softlocked once the intro seemed to have completed. Causality seemed like it could be fun and was working in the beginning, however, once you get towards the Combine Helicopter its a similar situation to the Strider issue I mentioned above but worst. It took 33 rockets to destroy a single Combine Helicopter and I had to use console commands because the rocket spawns are to the left of where the Combine helicopter is and by the time you attempt to get there you're either dead or will die from trying to destroy it. To make things even worst after the helicopter is destroyed a Strider appears. Strider Mountain's first mission cannot be complete because the intro never ends (possible you can just play another mission to skip it but this mod apparently has multiple intros and I dont want to deal with even more broken missions to test out).

So far the only decent Chapter that works is Zero Hour, Ravenholm, Data Place.

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Go to the root of the cm2013 folder open configurator, check the settings that you need. You can change graphics, weapons models etc...

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how **** make mod working 1187

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Mirror Links:
Extra Chapters
Nightmare House

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Why are 'Extra Chapters CM2013 Version 1.9.005' and 'Extra Chapters CM2013 Version 1.9.007' in there twice?

Please remove them if they aren't necessary. (It actually causes an error if you try to use them with the rest)

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that trailer so blacc

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Does anyone have a working link to this? The torrent is dead and the Google Drive is empty of files.

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Mirror Links
Extra Chapters:
Nightmare House 2

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Cineamtic Mod 2013 Extra Chapters for Half-Life 2

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