Chemical Existence is a Total Conversion type of mod, singleplayer. It is pretty old, so the cutscenes are that greatly graphic wise, but it is So-So. Completley different weapons, so it can be fun. Evilghoul :devil: And if you have any interest in joining my clans for DPB or Cstrike, email me at THERE IS NO EMAIL BUT THERE IS FAQ AND HELP ON THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The mod is rusty, very rusty. Pistol takes 2 headshots to kill, the enemies with pistols don't drop them, and some sounds are terrible like explosions and the uzi firing sound, sounds like bullets hitting metal.. which sounds just wrong when firing it from a distance.
The level design is mostly bare open spaces, with blocky textures... and felt rather random. I would have so preferred if the mod stayed in the urban type of places because it was so short lived.
But the characters look good (and most of the punks are quite beefy but thats ok).
It had some voice acting which I liked.
The storyline was basic but the level design felt like it let the mod down.

The worst mod for HL1...


Good evening! The intro might give you a seizure as you have to read white text over a cutscene with rapidly flashing thunder lights. What the heck?

I really like the aesthetics of the mod. The fact that it was made for quake 2 shows, as the texture work is completly different from half-life's. Relatively speaking, it is nice with a slightly unique-looking HL mod, even though it is all recognisable in a different game.

Unfortunetly, the fact that the mod was ported from quake 2 also shows in a major negative way. The port itself isn't faulty - indeed, the fault lies in that they didn't adapt most of the gameplay or pacing for half-life properly. In quake 2, you don't have to reload: In half-life you do. Reloading is a death sentence in a mod with chargin dumb NPCs and cramped tiny maps! You're gonna get jumped while reloading so many times, and they're gonna get you every time, because it works, and the mod developers didn't think this through.

They could have at least require the NPCs to reload themselfe. But no, they can charge and fire as they wish while the player is stuck with a "realistic handicap" from 1997.

The combat isn't fun even when you're not reloading. Enemies take multiple headshots before they perish, whether they're junkies or soldiers. The problem is either that they have too much health, or most of the weapons are weak. A extremly awful glitch is that you can't pick up any new ammo for nearly half of your drattin arsenal for some reason, leaving you with half as much to protect yourself with.

The mod is cool-looking, but it is so bad that I have been tempted to swear through this review. The mod is a time-capsule to a time back when we didn't have a lot better to play. And if you wonder what happened to the main characters sister... It's never explained. So don't bother.


A classic. Been a bunch of years since I lasted played through it, but I've gone through at least twice and still remember it favorably. Well made.



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Total Conversion or TC mods were a new thing to Half-Life when people tried to do this. Azure Sheep, Point Of View, Fate Reversal, and Residual Life are examples of a TC mod..As well as Chemical Existence.

You play as Reece Max, An ordinary joe caught up in the wars between inner city gangs in a un-named city. As one of the early TC's, Chemical Existence was made with technology in mind.

While it looks old, CE was highly praised for being original and not part of the Black Mesa Mods Category, The weapons might feel clunky but they all feel like Half-Life weapons and Unreal Tournament weapons.

Mapping is so-so but in some areas, You can get stuck if you are unsure and unsuspecting of what you are walking into. Enemies can really get onto you if you do not look around.


I like this story!

Among the oddest mods I've ever played. Getting it to work on steam was a pain since the controls had to be changed through the config file, otherwise, remapping them in the options menu would freeze me in place permanently.

But this was also one of the grossest mods I've ever played, I didn't need to walk down a hallway with some fat mans genitals spread across the floor, ceiling and walls.

What was the point of that section?

Just left me with a very bad taste in my mouth as I tried my best to enjoy the mod.

However, the mod itself is very unbalanced, difficult and buggy, not to mention the in-game models are hideously done and couldn't be more out of place.

I can see a lot of work was put into this, but in this state, it's not worth trying :(


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