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I love the new Hud and camera! The restyle is perfect! Due to the choices of the Hud not being race limited, I can freely choose my own preference of design. Good work!


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The omega cam brings a whole new experience to the game C&C 3, providing an almost 3rd person view of the battle field. To test this cam to its full epicness i set a skirmish on max graphics and max difficulty and i got exactly what i epic battle. The new HUD interface is new and took a few minutes for me to get, which is easy to get and again adds a new aspect of gameplay to the game.

This software has the more potential to add more and if i could add anything it would be to have a cam lock system to be able to follow a unit as it moves rather than having to follow it, this will give extra room to use the HUD interface to build more units while still being able to command units in mid battle at the same time.

Well done guy's on an amazing project and i hope this will not begin and end with C&C 3 and that it branches out to other C&C games in the future/ 10/10 and more. OOOOOURRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Awesome interface mod that makes C&C3 look even better.


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The mod does not lie. It offers just what it says in the description:

* New camera\/zoom system, with texture in the sky. We have heaven! in the same way that in COH and EAW!. (Never seen before in another mod).

* New HUD, with different position of the elements (Never seen before in another mod).

* Many new maps (snow and rain as a novelty).

* Menu laucher, new design of menu, new music, new cursors (Never seen before in another mod), etc.

* And if all this not satisfied you, use the compatibility mode to merge some of these features, with another mod (e.g. Tiberium Essence).

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C&C3 Tiberium Wars is an old game and all the mods are free. Have the good will appreciate this. Do not be evil grateful.

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Ne camera,cabal next to me(XDD)=GENIUS ADDON


The camera angles and huds are great. I could actually see this working with the other most popular mod, Tiberium Essence. It gives the player a new angle on battle, and then knowing how to plan advanced strategies. So, in a way, this give the player an advantage of what i call, "playing dirty." And the other good thing is that, especially if you're a fan of the unit details, the zoom-in added perk is a handy thing to have. Also, think of the views as like a UAV of some sorts. Would I recommend this? A big YES!!!! It sucks that there would be no 2.0 since it was scrapped. I just wish the modders would at least make a beta or a demo before they decided to scrap it, at least we the players could voice our opinion. My advice to other modders out there, I would love to see you modders compile a good version of this, maybe exceed this one. And I would love to see this mod work with Tiberian History, Best of Both Worlds, and Red Alert History, provided that Red Alert History creator Madin decides to not be a lazy butt and make Red Alert History a full version and not sleazy demos. But I am not a modder, but as a player, I would give my point of view on this. I appreciate responses.

ah common!! who doesnt lik to see a battle from his own eyes instead of stars, when titans are walking deep in tiberium fields or when ur nod cyborgs are standing in line and rain bullets to gdi? this mod let u FEEL the battles of tiberium era


i like everything,this mod is perfect,it has everything,what i've ever wanted :) but if the essence and experience,will some how completely cooperate,and create somehow from 2 mods, only 1 mod,where will be everything… Well,for example,everything from new experience,and new units from tiberium essence,it would be perfect :)


Nice ! Only need to solve the path in 64 bit mode (x86).

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Awesome interface mod that makes C&C3 look even better.

Jan 15 2012 by CnC_Fin

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