Follow the adventures of Milena and her psychic teddy bear totem in a world where psychics and normal humans coexist. In this adventure she enters into a mysterious realm inside a painting and must try to find her way back out into the real world amidst the labyrinth of intrigues and conspiracies inside the painting world.

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SOT Manual Page 6
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Heh, nice touch. With the page ripped out.

The whole thing is full of great exposition. My gripe is that this book seems to be a very short, below-college-level history/biology lesson on **** deus. It almost feels like a book that was written with the goal of teaching a regular human more about **** deus.

It certainly does NOT feel like an Operative's Manual. Why the hell would a psychic operative need to know more about his own unique species, much less carry around a book full of sub-Wikipedia-level trivia on his own species? I would imagine that a person in his unique position would have been dealing with the facts of his uniqueness throughout his whole life (I'm again talking about possible racism from normal humans, who usually despise differences and hate to be one-upped by others).

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Kremator_ Author

I would actually throw in more detail but we don't want to force people to actually read a 100% field manual style writing, I've read some for the sake of research and trust me, it is very boring. Considering the average attention span nowadays we have tried our best to strike a balance between a detail exposition and something easily approachable.

It could also be said that since psychics rarely allow themselves to be studied, seldom anyone outside of the SOT actually have detailed data on how they operate, especially normal humans.

We will keep that in mind for our next entry though, and it will be dealing more with the intelligence structure within the agency.

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Without knowing the purpose of the agency (I haven't read through much more than this section and your Acanthus website's content), I would imagine that the Operative's manual would contain a great deal of data on psychological, sociological, riot control, group think, misdirection, addition to the proper and efficient usage of their obvious supernatural abilities like telekinesis, clairvoyance, etc.

It should feel like a reference guide for the operative in the field. I also feel like each book should be a a psychic version of Apple's SIRI program...but perhaps I'm getting ahead of your content release schedule.

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Kremator_ Author

Ah yes, most definitely ahead lol - We'll get to those parts without a doubt, this is more a preamble to get everyone on the same page (no pun intended). Fear not, more details to follow!

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