After the Koreans stole the Nanosuit design, the United States Government started funding a new top-secret project-- Camp Sunshine.

Located somewhere in the middle of the United States, far from any large towns or cities, Camp Sunshine is the home, and training camp, to just over 50 elite soldiers. Camp Sunshine admits only the best into its premises and combines the Hi-Tech weapons available with a large variety of targets and ranges to create deadly-accurate human weapons, without having the risk of any technology being stolen.

You, Nomad, have been admitted into the camp under the authority of the President of the United States-- but not as a student. You are here to test the new facility and are allowed to keep your Nanosuit.

The weapons that will be allowed for testing include the SCAR, FY71, SOCOM, SMG, Shotgun, Guass Rifle, and the DSG1.

Unfortunately, the recent discovery of Korean-alien experiments in a laboratory somewhere off the coast of Hawaii has led to a slight diversion of money to increase defenses.

The combination of the budget cuts and the weapon transport plan crash has created a new business just outside the gates of the "top-secret" facility-- weapon shops. In exchange for permission to sell weapons and ammunition to soldiers in the training facility, the dealers remain quiet about the location.

The Camp Sunshine modification aims to create a large training ground for all levels of Crysis players. Featuring a vast network of levels and a persistent money system, you are enabled to navigate through infantry and vehicle training facilities. Live-target zones are available in addition to cardboard targets.

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We now have an official website for Camp Sunshine to supplement the information provided on ModDB.

Join us @

Or forum and photo gallery are being set up at this very moment. Join today to show your support!

To kick off the website, a few new screenshots showcasing a FINISHED level in the mod will be posted.

Camp Sunshine Custom AI Finished

Camp Sunshine Custom AI Finished

News 2 comments

Camp Sunshine, a unique Crysis Modification, has reached a large milestone-- the custom AI is finished. Rather than just shooting at the targets, they...


Camp Sunshine? Reminds me of a filefront POTD.

Oh, and those screenies look tight! Keep up the work!

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TIWizard Creator

Whoa. Never seen that before :)

Just setting up my new computer before I get back to working on the mod... Trying to get some new guns modeled as well.

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