This is fun mod. Includes troops from Rome Total War. There is no OSP used so, mod still has original graphics. Well, What changes this mod? - New troops for all kingdoms - New armours - Now you can bet 400 denarii in tournament. - You earn more denarii in arena of cities. - 2 new npcs added but they haven't got any dialogs, they are only joining when you captured in deserters or kidnapped girl's mission. - Veteran Khergit Horse Archer's spear changed to Heavy Lance. And increased his power and archery. - Rhodoks, Swadians has pistol gun units. And this mod is in alpha stage. In 1 mounth, there is a huge update. What are these? - Bedouins - Four Ways Hall - New Dialogs - New places for hire mercenaries, bedouins, bandits and npcs. - 1 New Faction - 1 new city, 1 castle and 5 villages. - Map will bigger.

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