Calradia Reimagined takes us back to a different version of the M&B land we all know so well. What if the Swadians had decided that Archers and Shock Infantry would serve them better in the forested hills of their lands? What if they had never even been called the Kingdom of Swadia? What if the Rymor Republic was formed when the Mountain Towns broke away from the Kingdom of Anglior? This mod brings in new factions, new mechanics, new graphics and an entirely new feel to the base game.

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nice mod

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AMAZINGLY HIGH POTENTIAL!!! Only thing that ruined this mod for me were these things... Clipping through horse 2 different musics playing at the same time very wierd camera and can't turn character game said has staged a comeback! there was a party called 's party and when he came to me he was apparently the minister? That's it but this mod still has amazing potential and i really hope it is not dead, carry on working hard and iron out the bugs and this will even rival things like phantasy calradia…

May 11 2014 by DreadMarine