Guten tag, players. Throughout the years of World War II gaming, countless games have been made where the player is on the side of the Allies, a few games have been made on side of the Wehrmacht, but hardly any mods, and practically no games have been made where the player joins the side of the Waffen-SS. Considered by some historians to be among the finest soldiers of the 20th Century, this mod will change your perspective of the war, and even open up a window of alternate history as you step into the boots of the soldiers of a variety of SS panzer divisions.

The goal of this mod is to almost completely "Germanize" the game, making it close to a total conversion (new maps may or may not be included, I am a rather bad map-maker), regardless, the experience of the Single-player campaign will be completely changed, and nearly every detail of the game is focused on from new language and sound files, to correct flags and bunker decals. Unlike other German mods (what few there are), the main focus will be on the player immersion, and, to a degree, realism.

Anyone who helps with voice acting, skinning, modeling, or map scripting will get early access to a beta, and possibly more depending on how outstanding their work is.

Features include:

-Switched sides from Allies to German Waffen SS

-New uniforms, vehicles, and weapons

-High quality weapon and uniform skins

-Interesting characters.

-New music, menu theme, and much more related to menu and mission select.

-A new background story for each SS soldier the player plays as, detailing an alternate history where the Axis powers are victorious in World War II.

-A tad bit of realism

-English language spoken with a German accent for friendly "hero" characters and friendly SS soldiers (I will admit that I have somewhat limited resources as a non-commercial modder, and thus cannot hire professional actors, anyone willing to volunteer their voice would be a great help, otherwise I will have to find a work-around some how.) Also, I might go simply with German, we'll see how things work out.

-Completely changed single-player campaign

-New load screens

-New AI

-New campaign videos and slides? (Seeing what I can do with that)

-Considering adding new maps.

-I might add new features to multiplayer, but in my opinion, multiplayer usually doesn't need a whole lot of work since Cod2 multiplayer is essentially dead.

-Real-life, historical characters (such as famous Waffen-SS generals) will both be mentioned and even make an appearance in the game.

-A slightly more gritty and grim game feeling.

-As few bugs as possible.

-More details and features will be showcased and added later as development continues.

Credits: DarknessImmortal669: Mod idea, research, script compiling, arms and sleeves, xmodel modifications, all localizedstrings, subtitles, menu music, theme, mission select themes, and side flags, storyline, main characters, weapon compiling, loadouts, bunker decals and flags, mod page, ranking and naming system, new quotes, most weapon stats, vehicle names, objectives, vehicle reskins, aesthetics, voice of the new "Letlev".

Back2fronts/WCP mod team: Mp40, P38, Panzer IV, bazooka, panzerfaust, grenades, British 6-pounder, helpful tips,
Mg42s, Fallschrimjaegers, FG42, StG.44, SS caps, T-34, Gewehr 41, MG34 and for being great modding teams with ambitious goals.

Slepnir's Wehrmacht mod and old Axis Player mod: Base aitype/character conversion, major character names (such as Cpt. Price), some weapon stats.

German Fronts Mod team: GMC truck

Uniforms/skins: Rapsodia, Ferry, and various other Filefront weapon and uniform skinners.

Iron Cross compass: PlusIce and Buckdich.

Maxim Machine Gun: Blacksmith mod.

Gimp 2.8: For making skinning and jpg to dds conversion loads easier

Infinity Ward/Activision: For making Call of Duty 2 a very moddable game, and for making a stable, and fun World War 2 game (but make some World War II games where we are the Axis for once!)

Real world SS, and Waffen SS, and Wehrmacht: Main menu song, in-game songs ideas, inspiration, historical reference, ranks, and more.

---Voice Acting Credits---

SS-Hstuf. Falkenburg: Vitrolic1

Schwarz: DarknessImmortal669

Kohl: Nieznanywydawca

9th SS Hohenstauffen commander: Wesp5

(More credits will be added as needed as development continues, and if you see any material in my screens which might have been made by you, tell me as soon as possible so I can update the credits.)

Note: This mod in no way advocates neo-Nazism, we all have our own political ideas, and they should not at all be brought to the forefront to this mod page, should anyone decide to complain about how offensive the mod's idea and theme is to them, I suggest to them that they forget this mod. Trolling and hateful comments directed toward politics will be promptly deleted.

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Good day everyone! It has been a long time since I began developing this mod, and it has now reached a state where I judge it to be solid, and releasable. There are many features which I wish to add in future versions, and as such, the current version is only 1.0, a beta, if you will. While I did not get the assistance I needed in the departments of 3D modeling and voice acting, the mod has still reached most of it's goals.

The Waffen-SS mod switches the perspective at which the story of the game is played. Rather than playing an allied soldier, the player is a German Waffen-SS soldier from one of the three divisions below:

There are still many more things, as I have stated, planned for this mod, and will come in time. For now, Call of Duty 2's gaming community deserves one of it's first Axis player total-conversions.

Enjoy the mod, und kampf fur das Vaterland!


Waffen-SS 1.0

3D Artists and Voice Actors Appreciated

3D Artists and Voice Actors Appreciated

News 7 comments

Appreciating all help that can be had as far as 3Ds Max/Maya and voice acting skill is concerned.

Working on main map files

Working on main map files

News 12 comments

At the moment, I am editing the main map files in order to rename some characters as well as other material.

Mod Main Characters

Mod Main Characters

Feature 1 comment

This page will slightly detail the new characters which have replaced the old Call of Duty 2 characters, hopefully this won't be too much of a spoiler.

RSS Files
Waffen SS Mod Version 1.0

Waffen SS Mod Version 1.0

Full Version 55 comments

Waffen-SS mod Version 1.0 is now available for download.

British Artillery/Anti-Tank gun

British Artillery/Anti-Tank gun

Patch 5 comments

The British 6-Pounder was intended to be in the 1.0 release, however, I made a mistake in compiling and this was excluded.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 405)

Augustus, did you already downloaded the file?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

since it seems like its not possible to switch aircrafts at this moment, I made this small image patch for my personal use, think it would improve immersion so I'll put it here for you guys to try it would make Spitfires. P-51s appear with Luftwaffe markings, also erases markings on Stukas (since Stukas appear in this mod as friend and foe from time to time), LVT4 now comes with Balkenkreuz markings. the flags on enemy buildings no longer appears because its now a transparent background, another version of the flag in Moscow is now replaced with a Soviet flag.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

@AugustusNocturnis The file is ready to sent but how can I send it to you?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AugustusNocturnis Creator

You can upload it on Filedropper, Google Drive, Mega, or anywhere else and then just paste to me the link in a private message.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ok I will send it in your gmail. Whats your gmail account?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I cannot private message you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AugustusNocturnis Creator

Johanssen Sorry, didn't see this message. I just added you so that you can PM me here.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i like so much this mod, good work ;) this is my favourite

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Buen dia Augustuts, tu Mod esta increible! fuiste cuidadoso en muchos detalles y la modalidad de juego muy buena , se requiere mejoras pero a mi asi me encanto, he estado revisando continuanebte la pagina para ver si hay alguna nueva version de este mod mejorada y veo que estas ocupado en otros proyectos, espero que no pase mucho para seguir disfrutando de este proyecto tan chingon que diseñaste, me encantaría saber programación y modelado para ayudarte a mejorarlo , desde uniformes ( oficiales de diferente grado) hasta insignias etc, enhorabuena y excelente trabajo el que realizaste

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

How did you edit the game subtitles or dialog?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
AugustusNocturnis Creator

Download WinRAR and navigate to the mod .iwd files through it where you can open those and view string files organized by level or dialogue.

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Only played a few missions but, by God is it immersive. Love the alt-history style of playing, the new weapon models and others. Only annoying thing is that the Russian campaign still has the Mosin and TT30 as the starting weapons for the first mission. Other than that, it's excellent. Not bad for an early release 1.0. 10/10 mate.

Apr 10 2018 by Deathblade100

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