CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD is a multi-mod for GTA San Andreas that contains LOTS of new stuff to improve the game at 200%, several themed mods, new game-modes, new vehicles, tuning options, new textures, new peds, new plants, new weapons, new clothes, tags, tattoos, maps, special FXs, scripts, technical improvements, etc. California Megamod allows you to have different mods and total conversions at same time in just 1 GTA San Andreas, and play the one you want with just a double click with the mouse... ... Este es un conjunto de mods singleplayer para Grand Theft Auto San Andreas que mejora el juego al 200% ademas de contener muchos diferentes Modalidades de juego, (gamemodes) algunos tienen diferentes vehiculos, piezas de tuning, armas, texturas, personajes, ropas, tatuajes, mapas y mas cosas... El California megamod te permite tener instalado 1 solo gta san andreas pero jugarlo como si fueran muchos (jugar con mods distintos cada vez)

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In case anyone thought this project was dead because i only have been publishing in my website and not here at moddb i decided to update the news to show you the latest progress in this project. (yes i had left gta modding and had been working in my own private projects for the last years but i have come back to make a better version of the megamod before i finally quit modding other people's games and start making my owns.

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  • Replaced CJ with new player model and textures (new white cj). Now working on new clothes and haircuts.
  • Lots New Realistic Textures, specially for terrain, grass, rock, dirt, mud,...(Not finished yet)
  • Some TEXTURES replaced in Higher Resolution all over the map.
  • Added some paintjobs to some cars, editing tuning options acording to new vehicles, Maximizing tuning options in every vehicle, reaching tuning limits of the san andreas engine. Testing tunning options in all cars, fixing anything needed and testing again all tuning options in all tunable cars. when finished tuning mods in STARMAN MOD.EXE will have to do same changes for other .EXEs taking into account that some vehicles have been replaced in other EXEs, and so taking care not to fuck anything.
  • New Loading Screens and Background Menus. Better, nicer and sharper ones, in HD
  • Improved VEGETATION with new trees, plants and flowers.
  • NEW STUFF for improving some of the mods.
  • REPLACED some PEDS with new ones.
  • Improved PARTICLE EFFECTS (smoke, dust, rain, sparks, shoots, fire, explosions, etc.)
  • I created some tools/scripts for helping me automatize the creation of scripts :D and so implemented faster system of creation of the megamod.
  • Replaced few old CLEOS with new BETTER ONES (compatibles with cleo 3)
  • Tested Cleo 4 but couldn't make it work in more than 1 .EXE, Bad news, so i have to keep using cleo 3 instead.
  • Some Bugs Fixed (please note: in gta san andreas you have to always enable frame limiter to avoid crashes, and doing so game will always have 25 FPS max and will perform great and very fast. Frame limiter will prevent FPS loss and make game more stable)
  • Tested the game at 1680x1050 with high quality profile plus ENB series with very good performance, much better than expected.
  • Improved SKY, more real with new CLOUDS and COLORS.
  • Improved the COLORS of almost all VEHICLES.
  • Fixed WHEELS in almost all vehicles (wheels size and height of vehicle).
  • New MOD LAUNCHER that will include ALL .EXEs (not just the best as in v.1.56).
  • Replaced some VEHICLES with better models: trains, cars, bikes, trucks, boats, planes, choppers, tank.


  • Nuevo modelo 3D y texturas de CJ, ahora debo crear nueva ropa y peinados.
  • Mejorada VEGETACION (nuevos arboles, plantas y flores en mayor resolucion)
  • San Andreas Re-texturizado con nuevas texturas ultra realistas. ahora parece otro juego
  • Mejorados EFECTOS de PARTICULAS (nubes, niebla, humo, fuego, agua, lluvia, disparos, chispas, luces, ....)
  • Testeado el juego a la maxima resolucion: 1680x1050 y va superligero en maxima calidad, y con ENB series tambien super rapido.
  • He creado unas HERRAMIENTAS para agilizar el proceso de CREACION del Megamod
  • Reemplazando algunos PERSONAJES del juego (PEDS)
  • Conseguido nuevo material para mejorar Algunos mods (Guardado para mas adelante)
  • Mejorando COLORES de los VEHICULOS (Ya estan mas decentes la mayoria)
  • CIELO Mejorado, mas realista, con nuevas NUBES y colores.
  • Buscando bonitos COLORES para el CIELO.
  • Ajustadas RUEDAS en casi todos los vehiculos (tamaño y altura)
  • Nuevo MOD LAUNCHER que incluye todos los .EXE
  • Actualizando VEHICULOS con mejores Modelos 3D y Texturas. Tambien mejorando y maximizando opciones de tuning y nuevos paintjobs.
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