CaliberX is a fusion of FluidFire's Caliber mod for NV with the xCalibr Ammo Pack from FO3. It provides a comprehensive, eye pleasing upgrade to Obsidian's complex and interesting ammunition system. CaliberX adds popular new rounds to the game, and extends the vanilla ammo with powerful new options. Then it throws your game into overdrive with hi-resolution bullets and shell casings, detailed world objects, accurate weights, scaled ballistic data and alternate ballistic options, casing weight & recovery, and enhanced features for modders. CaliberX goes beyond FO3 CALIBR and xCAL in that it provides not only an ammo standard, but an ammo DISTRIBUTION standard as well. Modders need only call an existing quest to distribute required ammo to all major vendors and loot lists.

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Volkain says

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Nice Mod which adds a lot of new calibers and models for them also nice is this mod : .
I played Earache´s mod for Fallout 3 and enjoyed them a lot and i love the Book Of Earache mod for New Vegas. A little buggy at this moment but with great potential.
It containts :
CaliberX and its ammo types \o/ and
many new weapons to shoot with + modkits.
New Armors and many changes to new vegas + the lucky 38.
And a lot more.


mdp_mason says

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This Brings a fresh, new, detailed experience to fallout, very, very, very nicely done, the detail shows hard work and commitment put into this, and it makes the game worth playing with that little extra detail push.


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