"There wasn't any epidemic in the Bunker 66, the virus wasn’t turning people into zombies, there wasn’t any supernatural forces. Mold."

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Following this for quite a while and learning it would never be finished saddened me, however, I am grateful the alpha was released :)

While the pacing is sloppy, the balancing is non-existent and many elements of the game are unpolished and unfinished, the level design is superb, the attention to detail is marvelous and the atmosphere smothers the player in foreboding.

While it may never be finished and it is quite glitchy, what Bunker 66 has to show is worth the download :)


It is a very good for alpha version. However, it has a lot of issues, such as illogical puzzles, orphographic mistakes in pop-up red inscriptions, missing texture of w-model of MP-40, headcrab zombies instead of approriate to the setting zombies, old icons and names of weapons, a strangely long loading of 3rd map, inappropriate sounds of weapons and some other.
But, despite it, that mod had a superb atmosphere of exploration, great setting and interesting story. Also, the story left a lot of questions that hadn't an answer.
No matter, that mod is great and worth to play.


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