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I'm a die-hard Half-Life fan who loves to play PC games. I try to post game reviews and other stuff in my blog section weekly.

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A couple years ago, my brother bought a game called Portal 2. At the time, I though nothing of it. Eventually, I decided to watch my brother play the game. This was the moment everything in my life changed. I was engrossed in the game. I found the fluctuating pitches and tones of GLaDOS creepy yet interesting. I then spent weeks on the portal wiki, scouring the articles for every detail about the game. Once I was finished with the the storyline and just about everything else in the portal series, I heard about another game made by VALVe. This game was called Half-Life. Prior to actually taking time out of my day to find out what the game was all about, I imagined it carelessly , not even having a true image in my head about what it looked like. As my brother knew practically nothing about it, I took it upon myself to research it. Immediately I was hooked. I did exactly what I did with the portal series in relation to research, but this time with more passion. I had craved a game worth playing that was critically acclaimed, but not too famous at the time. I scraped up the money to buy the Half-Life complete pack, and was thrown into the amazing and complex world of Half-Life. I told my friends about the game, urging them to buy it so they too could experience the unparalleled ecstasy experienced during play. Unfortunately, most of my friends were lacking in computers or laptops. I simply educated them on the game, teaching them everything there was to know about the series. My relationship with VALVe was set in stone. Or so it seemed.
I had already known about the general yearning for Half-Life 3. Having played all of the Half-Life games, I too felt a need for the game. Although my want wasn't nearly as powerful as most of the people in the Half-Life community, I still felt saddened by the "missing" game. However, for some reason, my need for Half-Life 3 grew to a much larger extent. Not to the point of actual insanity, however. I did, though, make a formula that calculated the release date of Half-Life 3. The formula came out to something like: 2013.718645 or something. In essence, it was Q3 2013. I was, and still am, planning to make a steam community group called: Release the Freeman. With many of my friends on steam, this group would not have been a complete catastrophe. With the possible influx of Half-Life 3 lovers, it might have actually been successful. Although many of my friends have abandoned all hope of another Half-Life game, my belief still holds strong. This is my first experience with VALVe and a shortened version of my take on Half-Life 3.
The Muffin Man

P.S. I will post my formula, and link to Release The Freeman soon!

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