A Half-Life 1 mod me and a couple of peers made in a video game design class. two of the maps may be a bit laggy, because of due dates. Other than that, it should be good to go. Storyline is, "Hitler has been risen back fom the dead, and now has a vengence for the Buddhists. Join the Buddhists rise against Hitler, and bring buddha his victory!" (Yeah Lame storyline, what are you going to do...)

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A first time effort, This mod is alright but not the best out there by any means at all.

The mod features intense gun battles and gratious barney buddhist deaths but an incredibly sad ending, Though it is good for a laugh and a short coffee break.


A Terry Wad for Half Life. But at least has the honor of letting the Player finish to an extent.

I'll do as I didn't see this...


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The Badage boys are back in town


Akbar, a powerful vampire, was burnt when the Mother and Father, Akasha and Enkil, were put into the sun. He resides in Antioch, in search of the Mother and Father, and leaves his victims on the steps of the Temple.

Akbar threatens to kill Pandora unless Marius allows him to see and drink from the ancient couple. He drains Pandora to near death before Marius allows him to see the Mother and Father, and is later destroyed by Akasha when he attempts to drink from her.


Azim was one of the older vampires. He ruled as a god for a thousand years in a secret temple in the Himalayas, where those who went to worship him never returned alive.

He conducted disturbing rituals and entices Pandora to participate in them in return for Marius’ location (when Marius gets trapped in the ice after Akasha awakens).

Akasha spares him during her worldwide slaughter, but for a purpose. She sees him as the ultimate symbol of vampire evil and explodes his body in front of human witnesses.


A spirited boy of twelve, Benji was bought from a nomadic Arab tribe by Sybelle’s brother Fox to care for Sybelle, which Benji loved to do. Benji was the genius of the tribe, able to read English, Hebrew and Arabic, and was bought from the tribe under the terms of a long-term lease of bondage for which Fox paid Benji’s father five thousand dollars.

Benji prayed for a demon to take his soul if only to save Sybelle from her violent brother, Fox. His prayers were answered (in a way) when Armand (after going into the sun) killed Fox. Benji, along with Sybelle, become Armand’s mortal children, and he his later made a vampire by Marius.

Daniel Molloy

Daniel was the recorder of Louis’ confession that later became the story Interview with the Vampire. Born in 1955, Daniel comes across Armand in 1975, after he had recorded Louis’ story.

He becomes Armand’s mortal companion, but conflicts drive them apart. Armand continually refuses Daniel’

Joke mod, heh?
Author doesn't have both sense of humor, nor taste... 2/10

Worst mod made.

Good work, especially for something created in the classroom.

But I can see that your time was very limited, since the mapping could have been better, but it was good fun for what it was :)

this owns BooM anyday


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