[ITA] Una orrifica avventura di un uomo, David Winterson, il quale, alloggiando in una magione con suo fratello George, fu travolto in una situazione inimmaginabile; un degenerato tiene nelle grinfie suo fratello e David farà di tutto per riprenderselo... ma in quella magione non abitano solo uomini!!! / / / / / [ENG] A horrific adventure of a man, David Winterson, who was staying in a mansion with his brother George, but was swept away in a situation unimaginable. A degenerate holds in the clutches his brother and David will do everything to take it back ... but men do not live alone in that mansion!!!

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Was pretty good. I got up to the drill part and couldn't figure out what to do from there, couldn't find any other drill pieces around so I don't know what was going on there, I even barrel clipped into the torture room to check, but there was jack **** in there. To summarize this story: A wild goose chase looking for keys. I enjoyed my experience and the hints were a massive help and I appreciate them a lot. Pretty unfortunate I couldn't finish it, as section two also had a random invisible wall around it, not sure if that was intentional, probably not. The map design itself, not perfect, but not bad either, it feels a bit too open, and the cracks start to show due to how barren it can be at times. But other than that, i did like the mansion layout, and the events were pretty cool, the story itself was pretty sound, not bad, but I can't rate it any higher as I didn't get to finish it. Also, there needs to be more oil in my opinion, it was a bit unescessary having to go back to the oil container every few minutes to refill on oil, and since the mansion has literally no light, it can be a pain in the ***.

-So much keys and difficult puzzles.
-All the rooms are empty.
-No lighting and theres only some bottles of oil but no too much.
-Pasing to door to door to find the objects.
-And italian version.

-level design

In conclusion 3/10.
Too bad


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