Sometime in our future, governments slowly began to meld together through increased technology, business, and commerce until they became known as 'The Nationalist Union'. It was a flawed government which did not take care of its uncontrollable bureaucracy. Later on a new government called 'The Oligarchy' rose to power using aggressive political methods to assure complete control, including the drugging of its citizens with psychological drugs. It would seem that no one would be able to break their grasp... until you. You dock with a local station after a long patrol, when by some miracle, the drugs the Oligarchy has been feeding you wore off. For the first time you remember you could think on your own, then you realize Oligarchy officials want to drug you again. You fight your way out and hijack a strange looking fighter. A fighter you have never seen before and of which you don't understand. You don't care since it's your ticket out, so you take it.

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A ground breaking mod, I really enjoyed some of the boss fights.
Good work!


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