A world that put trust into the hands of tyranny is one doomed to fail... Project vigor, this was meant to be a new step for the world to embrace a life without disease or war, resulting in a better quality life and way of life for the world being able to rest easy knowing that many threats in our world could be erased by this wonderful piece of technology. However, unknown to the world, CyberCon had other intentions that they weren’t willing to share with the rest of the world.

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The developers have done the gaming community a great service by releasing this excellent revival of the original Brainbread for free. Every bit as fun as the original, but with the added benefit of more modern graphics and superior integration of player vs. zombie gameplay. My only complaint is that the NPCs seem to be a bit bullet-spongy, but otherwise the game is fairly well balanced, and offers an adequate sense of progression with the open-ended perk system that allows players to reconfigure at will. All it needs is more content to flesh it out further, and it's a job jolly well done.

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Feels good, very enjoyable, great work! Fred is back! :D

Aug 21 2016 by TKAzA