Deadland awaits Caleb as he is thrust into action once again by the determined Cabal who are stopping at nothing to kill, enslave, pillage, ravage, and bring forth unholy darkness in it's wake. Caleb, now in the present, wants nothing more than to avoid the Cabal and forget any ties to Tchernobog, but the world is Decaying as the Remnants of the Cabal spread through out the globe like a Cancer. Experience up to 18 levels of fast paced, adrenaline-soaked, bloodthirsty action in some of the most detailed and frantic maps ever made for Blood. Experience snowy cities, malls, dockside ports, graveyards, haunting forests, gigantic sea-faring ships, old forgotten towns along Route66, torture chambers, a dilapidated carnival site, Cabal strongholds, and much more.

Report RSS Bloody Pulp Fiction Remaster (under construction)

With the release of Blood GDX and other Blood projects underway, a new enthusiasm for Blood-related content has inspired some Blood map-editors to dig out Mapedit from the dusty closet to see what we can come up with once again.

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Bloody Pulp Fiction will get a bit of a remaster (half of it anyway) I haven't seen my partner on the project around for a long time so it may be doubtful if he'll contribute. My episode alone contained as many maps as were made for his two episodes, so at least half of it will be worked on.

GDX Blood will be the new standard and best way to experience Bloody Pulp Fiction in widescreen and looking and Blood looking as beautiful as ever.

Every map in the first episode will be revamped with better balancing with health, ammo, etc (just means I may make the maps a bit tougher :) as well as cleaning up some of the more cryptic and awkward play mechanics (key hunts via hidden passageways) I realize that not every player is a seasoned Blood fanatic as that was the audience I originally built the addon for in mind.

New restructuring as well as new additions will be made for each level as well as some brand new map replacements from scratch for 2 maps that will be better than what I had in place and maybe 1 brand new stop for Caleb's Road Trip. So, looking at 3 fresh maps as well as revitalizing and amping up the rest! Stay tuned!


Sounds promising. Keep up the good work!

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Looks great. How does the release date look?

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wangho Author

Hard to say for sure. Depends on how much updating I actually do to each map. Within half a year Id say.

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A bit of nit picking here, but I think you should remove or replace Ophelia's body in the remaster since Caleb burned her body in the episode 1 ending cut scene. It doesn't make sense that her body shows up perfectly intact. Anyway, I hope you can get in contact with your partner at some point so we can get a full remaster. :)

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