The most anticipated expansion and modification of the cult classic "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines". Adding 7 new clans with over 10 new Disciplines that use completely new mechanics previously deemed impossible, such as shapeshifting into monstrous forms, summoning deadly creatures to aid you and manipulate your surrounding in ways that change the very dynamic of the game. Antitribu also offers new main quests, maps, and over 100 new characters which vary from humans, vampires, zombies, to more uniquely formed monster bosses with new abilities and mechanics that change the way combat is experienced.

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RSS Cutscene - Reaper - Execution

"we'll be invincible" that sounds familiar but i can't remember from where

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VA for the Reaper needs some work. But pretty cool nonetheless. PM me about the dialogue, I think it needs some touching up.

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Mv.Antitribu Author

@ Everyone that has Problems with the Current Voice/Sounds.

If the mod was released that way THEN you can complain otherwise all you see is in alpha/beta state, and it will change. we need something to test our efforts with, we can just make new sounds and then when its not good, discard them ! no . . . we use several sounds from here and there, then in the end we will change them to what it should be.

That was the ONLY reason i never updated much, because people will focus on Unimportant things rather than the whole new concept added !

We havent recorded ANY sounds yet, and thats because we need to get to a point in the game where we can confidently start to do that. are you getting the process here ? ok let me explain this Much clearer!

the voice actor is the developer himself, using his voice as test. just to feel that gap, considering that is a Game, he used original voices even though they were crappy.

NOW since this is a MOD, we use other resources, considering the fact that mods are free, and that i have no (quality) microphone to record voice with.

Whats the Current Dilemma ?
1. If I use My own voice, then the people will complain more abt the quality of work.
2. If I use other games sounds, people will complain abt why stealing other sounds, without Realizing what the Word "BETA" or "ALPHA" means.
3. If I wait until the Final Cut then people will complain WHY am I not updating stuff.

So Please give me a Choice were I can follow up on. Im not angry or anything, but lately many have been asking questions abt the sounds, and its been a little annoying when they keep avoiding the real content, and sticking with things that are not important.

If you have the ability to help us record quality Beta sounds for Free, then we are here waiting with open arms for you, if not, then Please realize that Beta and alpha means Temporary sounds that will change. K ?

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It would have helped if you made it clear the sounds were fill-in placeholders. That would have solved the problem before it began.

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This is a new Cutscene made by LENUSKA

Involves the new Mini Boss, "the Reaper" executing vampires at Malkavian Primogen Heaven. The reaper uses a Unique Sword, which can be seen in here: