A mini pack with SP levels for Half-Life. You are Gordon Freeman and you get a call from your friend, the scientist Kazus. He works at the reception of the Black Mesa Explosive Centre, somewhere in the mountains in South America. He says something's wrong, then you hear some shots and you hear Kazus screaming. You decide to take a look. When you arrive at the reception room, you see Kazus' corpse. When you step out, you see only one thing: BLOOD AND BONES..... Who did this? You'll have to find out and you decide to go to the Black Mesa Explosive Centre. By Timelow, leveldesigner of Timelow and Pals

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Weperlol says

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Sorry but this is really a poor mod.


badsniper365 says

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Just thought it was a little to hard


CaptainSuavePrice says

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Well, this mod is old now.


TheUnbeholden says


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