V1.6 -10 to 20+ hours of new gameplay -New (is)land -New village -New dungeons -New quests -New NPC's -New spells -Mini games -Survival modes -Secrets/Easter eggs

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Hi again! V1.6 of BlackLand is up, nothing special, just some minor bug fixes: 1.6-Gemina now charges the right ammount of money for the different rooms ----Water temple magical stones now removes the powers properly

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New to BlackLand? BlackLand is a new lands mod with tons to do and see!


- 10 to 20+ hours of new gameplay
- New (is)land
- New village
- New dungeons
- New quests
- New NPC's
- New spells
- Mini games
- Survival modes
- Secrets/Easter eggs

Head on to the mod and check for more info, images and videos!

BlackLand is a new lands mod with tons to do and see, I've spent more than 3500 hours doing it and I loved every single one, ahhhhhhhhhhh.... Maybe not all.... Bugs are annoying! But anyways, hopefully you will have a blast dying in BlackLand! ^^

BlackLand - BSA version - V1.6.1

You can find it here: Moddb.com


Looks interesting, although I think you might be making up the 3500 hours of work, considering that would mean almost 600 days if you had spent 6 hours a day, every single day, working on it. Either you are miscalculating that or you have spent too long working on it for only 10-20 hours of new gameplay (and I'd bet money on that being wrong, I have yet to see a time estimate be even close to how long it really is for this sort of thing).

Sorry if it sounds harsh but I couldn't be more indifferent considering you added TESO as a related game.

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BlackRL Author

Hi there.

I've worked non-stop for a year (+-), more than 6 hours a day, check it out:


3549 Creation Kit + 398 Skyrim hours to be exact.

I added TESO because it's a TES game, the similarities end there.

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Oh I know why you added TESO, it being a TES game is not a good enough reason to add it though, you didn't add Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind or Oblivion so the only reason there would be to add TESO is to get a little more attention to the mod as more people would be likely to be watching TESO than the older games. Considering I already see ~100 updates a week on ModDB through things I watch, it just annoys me seeing something not remotely related to what it is I'm watching.

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BlackRL Author

No, I added TESO because according to news "it's kinda like Skyrim but with online".

I didn't add other TES games because I didn't want people to come here and be disappointed, because the mod is only for Skyrim, so in my mind was like this:

-TES (The Elder Scrolls, because full name is TES: Skyrim)
-Skyrim groups
-TES groups

I see the problem, you are annoyed because you get updates related to TESO and this mod is not for it, fair point.

Anywyas, imagine me, I've spent a year of my life doing this mod for free and the comment I get is:

-You're lying about the time
-You added TESO to the related games to get hits

It's kind of annoying, don't you think? But I'm just making a point too, to sow you a different perspective from yours, you showed me what some may think when they see TESO in the related games and I showed you what your kind of reaction does to me too.

But it's all good, I see your point, no harm done. I hope you can enjoy BlackLand, because in all honesty that's all I want, people to play it and have fun.

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Indeed, tracked the mod on Nexus (did the 1.6.1 get uploaded there ?).

As to the TESO part, Balance it with a note on top of the description as to clear the issue.
(Since it seem having the mod in the TES5:Skyrim category + being no mods possible for TESO do not let people(s) understand what they are finding.

in any case, great to see you are reacting positively, which is the best track possible so far.

Also, as reported on Nexus comments : females voices are quite low compared to the others, making them hard to understand :/

To be seen, thanks BlackRL.

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