BlackFire's Mod 2 is a stunning lighting mod that completely changes the look of all levels of the singleplayer campaign of Crysis 2,leveraging the full potential of CryEngine3 , enhancing colors, sunshafts, and more, turning that foggy atmosphere of the original Crysis 2 into a clear and sunny day, allowing a better gameplay with an innovative look.

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After using this mod it brings to mind that cat meme image ... "Crytek. Why you do this?". I don't know why I never noticed the first time I played Crysis 2 (without these mods) how everything is blurred out, colours dumbed down and more. This is not an effect exclusive to Crysis 2 as I've noticed over the years many games where the shader effects and post-effects bring my system to a crawl all for the "prize" of having everything blurred out like some monster Gaussian blur. Games like The Division are mercifully free of such silly visual effects. But back to Crysis 2 Blackfire's mod and the HD textures mod. Now my game has sunlight in it. Life ! I'd recommend anyone put the effort in to try these mods. BTW if you can't find the HD textures mod it is available for download on Moddb. The only problem I've had so far (I played a couple of levels) is when turning on SMAA in the HD textures mod I got a DLL error. Apparently this is a common Sweetfx error but I could not find a fix. Apart from that these mods are outstanding, practically giving Crysis 2 a whole new lease of life.


Following the guide on Crydev I completely upgraded my Crysis 2 visuals and the results were outstanding, something that seems to go even further the reach of "AAA devs", using this, the Maldo and various other mods I could improve to my own desires the look of the game which still run at a steady 45 fps in full HD and my "old" GTX 560, I could change the FOV, the DoF, (I have never seen a customizable DoF) how much and which kind of AA, the LoD, shadows, contrast, the sun shafts, so much I can hardly remember it all, why couldnt Crytek do this? Why cant more devs do this?


One biggest plus of this mod is making the game like a whole new one. The texture change, the light, and many other aspect changed. Well nuff said but i guess this mod made the crysis 2 even better.


A mod that greatly enhances the visual of Crysis 2.

one word : thank you.


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