Black Mesa: Uplink is the recreation of the Half-Life demo (HL: Uplink) released by Valve in early 1999 which featured content that was scrapped from the original storyline.

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Awesome for a remake of a demo.

It's very good and the atmosphere makes it special!


As I'm not good for reviewing games, I'll just write down what I think is worth pointing out.

It's an overall amazing piece of work.
The soudscape is fantastic, although more background explosions in outdoor areas could have done it way better.
It stays really true to the original game from 1999
Although some things have been changed, they actually changed for a good reason and for a higher level of realism.
Playing with commentary nodes is interesting and worth a second playthrough.

Some lights are way overbrighted, giving a somehow unrealistic feel.
There are some other lightning artifacts here and there. One good example is the strong white light going straight through the vent ducts near the end.
Some areas could have used more detail and revision.

All in all, a short, yet totally fun experience worth the download and playthrough.

Great remake of one of the best demos ever.


While the level design is not as gorgeous as the original Black Mesa Source, the scripted sequences are very well done, especially in the end. Very impressed.

Nice mapping, but some disbalanced battles.


Awesome job


ubilada says

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Great mod!

I killed the scientist and security guard with chair and took his pistol to start with advantage :)

Then, in the final chapter, I saw both of them alive.

All in all, an amazing experience despite small issues.


Looks great,
only things that bugged me was a bit to bright light at some spots
Like in the elevator in the begining & the controll-panel
in the storage-container-room.

other then that,
the enviroment looked amazing,
especially liked the parking lot area & the water-towers/fuel-silo(?)
or what they're called in english near the fence.

the music in the satellite dome was great, loved it!

Shame though that u didn't use the HL1 vortigaunt models
instead of the BM one.. =/

disapointed about this full conversion mod its not completed and needs more work, to much stuff is missing in this mod like the animations for instants, he did it in a few months he better took his time instead of rushing this because now im thinking he only made this mod to get money for the red cros, i have nothing against donating to the red cros but in the way how he did it is not respectfull for the mod as it needs to be a complete remake from the halflife demo, halflife uplink, he was also the only one who was working on this mod, so no team that could have helped him achieving this to perfection just as black mesa is, the good things however in this mod was the area (still could slightly be better but it was ok) and the ending thats just all sadly.

final verdict: uncompleted mod

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Awesome for a remake of a demo.

Dec 17 2012 by TheBoxNoob