This is a graphical mod developed by a russian modder called Berserker. It's an active project since 2008. The mods purpose is to enchange Quake2's graphics.

punk0x29a says

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This is definitely THE mod for Q2!
Can't live without it.
when you play as, for example, a cyborg, you hear cyborg sounds! It's THAT detailed!
It has flashlight that can eat cells! ( Personally, when I start a new game, I come close to Bitterman's pod and I give myself 50 cells. It must be enough till Jail levels. After all, Bitterman could've rip out battery from his pod, right? ;-)
And, from time to time, I just start a new game to marvel at new gibs logic (AMAZING!)
And it works under linux(wine) flawlessly!
Also, mod creator is a very helpful person. When I complained about game getting too easy for me after years of slaying Stroggs, he just've send me modified DLL that allows to adjust enemies damage scale!
Thanks for that!

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