Beowulf's Rules is a modification for Red Alert 2 that aims to bring balance to both armies, while adding some extras to enhance gameplay even further. Every single unit in the game has been changed in some way to give it more purpose in battles or less overpowering to keep games more even. No longer are late games stack in favor of the Allies, nor are the other countries less appealing to use. Each country has bonuses to give them an edge in some fashion but at the same, a negative effect is in place to keep the bonus in check; additionally, each country will have certain units trained at veteran.

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Awesome small mod :) Like it very much. Hard and fun AI.


price of the new tank is too expensive
BUT i love this MOD ...

I love how the units aren't horribly messy looking unlike some other mods *cough* Apocalypse *cough*


i like it its makes this game fun!


An excellent mod; strong AI; adds new units and implements general changes.


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