The first ever Battlefront EA overhaul mod published. This mod replaces things like all trooper skins, hero skins, and vehicles skins to provide a more authentic and realistic feel. We have entirely redone the UI for the main menu, swapped weapon meshes for certain guns, and swapped weapons for heroes for offline play and swapped only their looks for online! We have also added HERO BLAST and the unfinished Extraction Mission for both Co-Op and Singleplayer use! There is also a whole list of other things so download quick and enjoy! All Usable Online!

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Darkphoenixldr says

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A lot of effort was put into this mod for it the best one for the game I have ever seen so far. I can't wait to see what new changes lie around the corner when I mod tools further advance!


RowanCS says

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It seems to be indeed the largest mod for the game, love the new skins especially the fighters it truly makes the game feel new. Also having a *blast* playing the new gamemode Hero Blast. Don't know why DICE never released it before. Overall if you are looking to get back into Star Wars Battlefront now is the time with this mod especially! Go modders!

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