Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod

The first ever Battlefront EA overhaul mod published.
This mod replaces things like all trooper skins, hero skins, and vehicles skins to provide a more authentic and realistic feel.
We have entirely redone the UI for the main menu, swapped weapon meshes for certain guns, and swapped weapons for heroes for offline play and swapped only their looks for online!
We have also added HERO BLAST and the unfinished Extraction Mission for both Co-Op and Singleplayer use!

Q3 Marketing Plan

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Part 1 - New UI


The Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod brings to the table a completely revamped look to the Main Menu UI. Our goal was to create a feeling of something brand new, a game you had never touched before, we've gone out of our way to replace every image so that when you go to select a map you can have the feeling of a new adventure ahead.


Every single loading screen is different as well so when you are launching into a game you can become immersed in what you are about to play.


All exit screens have as well changed to bring a sleeker feeling and transition to your gaming experience.


The main menu's background has also changed to a light blue to bring a calmer feeling to the menus and to recreate it as if you were looking out a window or into a hologram.

We have gone as far as picking at the little details such as blurring the image as you float above it. Regardless we hope you enjoy this new experience.

Part 2 - New Skins

The Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod brings to the table a completely revamped look to all skins for both the rebels and imperials. For the rebels we have gone out of our way to ensure each trooper has the appropriate camo for each type of map. We have also added a more unified feeling through our selection of colors and logos for the purchasable skins. For the Imperials we have added a sleeker more cleaner and badass look to all skins. Some have been redesigned to add a feeling as if you were apart of the First Order.


For the rebels we have added map specific camo to all default troopers so you can feel more immersed in the map you are playing on. We have mainly done this because the rebels are a little left out in the game with only 3 separate buy-able skins.


We have also re-colored the skins to bring a more unified feeling and added some logos on their backs to add some spice to them.


For the Imperials we have added a large selection of badass skins including the 501st Shocktrooper, First Order Officer, First Order AT-AT Driver, Inferno Squad Commander, and many others like the default skin Sandtrooper. Just like the rebels on certain maps the Troopers will have a more appropriate camo to them.


Part 3 - New Vehicles

The Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod brings to the table a completely revamped look to all the playable vehicles in the game. Our goal was to create a more Sequel Trilogy feel to the game with Resistance themed Rebel ships, and First Order themed Imperial ships. All Hero ships that is including DLC too have been re-textured to bring a new feel to Aerial Combat.


As said before for the Rebels we have been inspired by people like Poe Dameron to bring a Black and Red theme to all Rebel ships (Resistance Colors). This brings a completely new and more immersive feeling to Aerial Comabt and driven a lot of people to start playing in the skies more often then before. The Rebel heroes have also been given a complete makeover.



We have also revamped all the Imperial ships to bring a more badass feel (First Order colors) to the ship as you blast the rebel scum out of the skies in the name of the First Order! This also includes all their heroes, but for some of them they have been remade to fit their current re-texures as in the case of Boba Fett now being Black and Red which is thus why his ship is now.

Certain ground vehicles have also been re-done like the AT-ST, DF9 Turret and the speederbike




Part 4 - New Weapons

The Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod brings to the table a completely revamped look to all default/dlc and starcard weapons. We have gone ahead and also swapped certain meshes out to add a new touch to the game such as the EE-4 being replaced with the Ion Gun, the EE-3 being replaced with the Ion Disruptor, the CA-87 now being the Scattergun & vice versa, etc. So get out there and start playing to discover the whole host of amazing changes we've made!





Part 5 - New Heroes

The Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod adds new skins and certain weapon changes to all heroes both Rebel and Imperial for both Offline and Online. These have been inspired by both past and future Star Wars movies.


For the rebels we have added a whole new host of unique, complex, and simple re textures to spicen up that hero gameplay so you can further enjoy your time. Such changes include a neon orange/redish suit for Nein Numb from The Last Jedi, a rebel insignia and darker color for Han, a white top and darker bottoms for Luke to create a smoother feel, and etc! We have also included for Luke and Han a snow retexture of camo to spice things up on Hoth maps. New Icons for Hero Selection were also added! We have also swapped some weapons for certain characters for offline like giving Han Chewie's blaster and Chewie Han's. For online we have swapped the meshes of all guns to bring a feeling as if the hero was more badass or unqiue. NOTE: These are only cosmetic and do not actually affect how you fire your gun! They are safe to use online!



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For the Imperials we have done the same as we did for the Rebels this is; adding all new skins complex, simple, and unqiue. Adding new Hero Icons for the Hero Selection screen,Swapping weapons for both online and offline like Krennic now having an EE-4 offline, and Dengar now having the RT-97C online.





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For both sides we have also added new skins to the Hero Guards! This will certainly bring a new feeling of being higher up in the ranks!

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Part 6 - New Gamemodes

The Battlefront Re-Design Overhaul Mod adds two new Gamemodes. The iconic Hero Blast mode pitting 6 rebel heroes vs 6 imperial heroes in a game of blast and the unfinished Extraction Mission for Singleplayer and Co-Op play.

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The iconic Hero Blast mode has been implemented in our mod so that you can enjoy our new skins and weapon changes to the max! This is the same gamemode that many of you have already seen or heard about by youtubers like SWBFUpdates and SWHQ! The gamemode can be played in both Private matches and through Online servers. It only requires the host to have the mod to work, anyone else can join if invited regarding Private Matches. The online server find feature only works if other users have the mod enabled so they too then can search. The gamemode also now appears in the UI with its own section including all playable maps in the game both default and dlc. It requires all users to have the Season pass to play dlc though. The goal of the gamemode is to fight to 50 kills in an all out Blast styled fight. You pick a hero and play as it for the match and have unlimited lives. So download quick and start kicking ass as you favorite characters in the game!

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The unfinished Extraction Mission has also been added. It is back from the days of Battlefront's start and the community has no idea why DICE nevered decided to finish it. The mission thankfully has been renabled and maybe through hard work modders can finish it but for now you can enjoy it in its unfinished state. The mission will appear in your Missions tab under Training but is blank for an image for it is not properly configured. The mission can be played both offline and online in Co-Op mode and does not require your partner to have the mod to play with you.

So the mission works in three phases, cannot be finished and includes the heroes Hand and Leia. You start off with a cutscence and then jump to killing stormtroopers. The out of bounds will then expand if correct and you will kill a few more, then a few AT-ST's spawn to kill, and then finally a AT-AT spawns. This is where the mission cannot proceed further due to the fact the AT-AT is unkillable. Also note the Menu does not work so the only way to end the mission is to close the game or to kill yourself until you run out of lives. Anyhow we encourage you to explore and find things we couldn't so you too can enjoy this new experience!

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Part 7 - Extra Info & Addons

If you would like to expand you gaming experience with our mod look no further then our addons! So far we have added our Weapon Rebirth Addon which changes how every gun and how certain starcards fire, damage, and cooldown. Its quite damn fun to use and can really change up the gameplay! Look down below for a VIdeo example of its power! NOTE: DO NOT use this addon online or you can get banned. Full list of weapon changes can be found here!

The Battlefront Re-Design mod though has been designed so it can be used both Online and Offline with a seamless transition. There is no worries in being banned over using it since it is solely Cosmetic when used online! (We made sure for you!) To install the mod use the Instructions in the Read me provided in the Download or follow this video Tutorial. (Our mod comes zipped and simply must be dragged into your Mods folder in the Mod launcher)

This all would not have been possible if it was not for the hardwork and determination set forth by GalaxyMan2015 who created the Mod Tools used for both Battlefront and ME Andromeda.

NOTE: You must have the mod launcher which can be downloaded here to use our mod! Everytime you go to use our mod start the game through the Mod


The Mod Tools if you are creative can be found in the link above as well.

Also be certain to check out Official Subreddit to Post mods/discuss for any games! Be sure to subscribe!

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If you have Discord join our server as well to chitchat about mods and anything else!

SubReddit Discord:

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Our Mod Download can be found above in the Downloads Tab!

DISCLAIMER: If you use our mod in any videos you must put our Moddb link in your Video Description and credit Garrus Valkyrin the mod's creator! Do not repost this mod to any sites without our explicit permission first!

We hit the 19th most popular mod on Moddb!

Thanks for the support!



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BF EA Re Design Overhaul Mod

BF EA Re Design Overhaul Mod

Full Version 13 comments

The first ever Battlefront EA overhaul mod published. This mod replaces things like all trooper skins, hero skins, and vehicles skins to provide a more...

Weapon Rebirth Addon

Weapon Rebirth Addon

Full Version 4 comments

This addons main purpose is to change how every main gun and some star cards work in the game. Such changes can be like the EE-3 now shooting 5 bullets...


Such a pitty that the AT-ST hasn't been replaced by the First Order All Terrain Scout Transport & the AT-AT by the AT-M6 : /

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does somebody know a same quality Clone Wars Overhaul? That would be so ******* cool,too. Both would just need all multiplayer to skirmish / arcade and everything would be perfect : )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello, awesome work of yours,but I would like to know if this mod can be switched on and off ( to the normal version ) or do I have to add this to a second install to be able to enjoy both?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

By the way, SW:BF is now for 4.99 Euros on EA/Origin!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Thank you! I really enjoyed this mod, keep up the good work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Im guessing the mod is set for the force awakens

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