Following the end of the UN mission in Somalia in 1995 the country went further into war. In 1999 Kenya and Ethiopia launched an operation to end the fighting in Somalia and, with support from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the operation was declared a seccess and in May of 2000 a new government was put into power. Under the leadership of President Josef Ali the country began to be rebuilt and remained war free until 2006 when Al-Shabaab formed and launched an all out assault against the new government. In 2007 the African Union was called in to try and supress the Al-Shabaab assault. In 2009 President Josef Ali was captured and executed by Al-Shabaab, but the AU mission went on and finally, in June 2010, the AU ended thier mission and Al-Shabaab assumed control. Al-Shabaab then gave power to a similar group in 2011. Led by a man known as Muhammed there is no definitive government in Somalia and the country is ruled by Muhammed, his militia and his supporters. With that said Mogadishu is now a hot bed for terrorist activities and is a prime target for CIA operations, but not all CIA operations go as smoothly as planned...

---US SOCOM---
Army Rangers

The Militia

And the kits...

---Army Rangers---

Demolitions - SCAR-L (ACOG), M9, M67, C4, knife
Rifleman - SCAR-H (ACOG), M9, M67, M9, knife
Sniper - M39 EMR, M9, M67, Knife, Claymore
Engineer - M4 (EOTech), M9, mine, M67, knife, wrench
Machine Gunner - M249 (ACOG), M9, Ammo, M67, Knife
Anti-tank - M4 (ACOG), M9, SMAW, knife
Medic - M4 (Reflex), M9, med kit, revive, M67, knife


Demolitions - AAC Honey Badger (Reflex or EOTech), C4, M67, P226, knife
Rifleman - Mk.18 (RDS), M320 GLM, P226, knife
Sniper - M39 EMR (EOTech), M67, P226, Claymore, knife
Engineer - M16A3 (Reflex), Mines, M67, P226, knife, wrench
Machine Gunner - M60E4 (M145), M67, P226, Ammo, knife
Anti-tank - MP7, SMAW, P226, Knife
Medic - HK416 (Aimpoint), Medkit, revive, M67, P226, knife


Demolitions - SCAR-L (EOTech), M67, C4, Kimber 1911, knife
Rifleman - Mk.18 CQBR (ACOG), M67, Kimber 1911 , knife
Sniper - M110 SASS, M67, Claymore, Kimber 1911, knife
Engineer - M4 (Reflex), mine, knife, M67, Kimber 1911, wrench
Machine gunner - M240B (M145), ammo, M67, Kimber 1911, knife
Anti-tank - M4 (EOTech), SMAW, Kimber 1911, knife
Corpsman - SCAR-L (ACOG), revive, knife, Kimber 1911, M67


Demolitions - AKS-74u, Time bomb, TT-33, F1, knife
Insurgent - AKM, TT-33, F1, knife
Sniper - Dragunov, TT-33, F1, knife
Mechanic - AK-74, TT-33, IED, F1, knife, wrench
Automatic Rifleman - RPK-74, TT-33, Ammo, F1, knife
Anti-tank - G3A3 , TT-33, RPG-7, knife
Doctor - AK-47, TT-33, medkit, revive, F1, knife


Olive Hill - (MARSOC vs Militia)
Heart of the Beast - (Rangers vs Militia) *Town Strike by Jones
Safehouse - (MARSOC vs Militia)
Night Shift - (DEVGRU vs Militia)
HVI (DEVGRU vs Militia) *Morning Breeze by Jones
Warlord - (DEVGRU vs Militia) *Warlord from BF2 SF, converted by me to be a night map
Closing in - (Rangers vs Militia)
Extract - (MARSOC vs Militia)
Into the city (Rangers vs Militia)
Mogadishu Airport (Rangers vs Militia) *Night Flight from BF2 SF
Outpost (MARSOC vs Militia)
Possibly one more map

EASY, Dice, Activision, BIS (Models), Eversmen, Develop013, EnemySniper, M.Combat (Animations), ~M~I~Ł~O~S~Z~ (AKA Mi³osz23), PenguinGeneral (Skins), LaGNeVeRFaiLS, Twinkie Masta, SPFreak, Jones, Requin94, Tigg, majo-213, baychaser, RaYnoX, imtheheadhunter, tailer76
If I'm leaving anyone out please tell me and I will credit you ASAP.

---A Special Thank You To---
Demon_from_pripyat for the vehicles
majo-213 for letting me use the F1 Grenade
NinjaTheCat and ExclusiveCatsMeow for help with maps
MagnúsTheCat, CAT Mod Studios and Battlefield Africa for the TT-33
Emiliomau for providing the HK416 and M4A1

RSS Articles

I have not updated this mod for a while now, mostly because I have been too busy lately to do much. Between school, my personal life and volunteer firefighting I dont have too much time to spare. I can tell you, however, that when I have spare time I try to work on this mod as much as I can. I promise that this mod is not dead, its just that the progress is going very slow. So please just be patient and when I get more freetime I will work on this mod more.

Update 2

Update 2

News 4 comments

An update for this mod space space space space space space



News 2 comments

Since the beta had been released I think I'll update the news...

Some jobs

Some jobs

News 9 comments

Okay these positions are needed again, as you proably know.

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I really like the idea of the mod, but it's been a pretty long break so far.

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is this mod is dead or not

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um... is this dead?

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this mod died crowd

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this mod died?

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Hi Bowman, is there any way to get the Beta files? I wanted to try out the BTR-40 and maybe use it in a personal mod of mine.

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please read and sign the petition:

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how i download it?

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TheBowMan Creator

I removed the beta due to crashing issues

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