A mod for Battlefield 2 which converts the good old game into an airsoft skrimish. The mod is in process of moving from only singleplayer to having a multiplayer aspect.

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Jan 24 2011 Anchor

There are some COD4 maps made for BF2, maby you should add some of those?

Jan 30 2011 Anchor

Good suggestion, a few maps are being prepared for BF Airsoft gameplay.

Jan 30 2011 Anchor

Good, I suggested this because of that they are small, and the airsoft game works, in my opinion, the best in smal CQB maps.

Jan 30 2011 Anchor

I completely agree.
They just needs some adapting, because all BF2 maps are made for constant reenforcement, but in BFA there is no new players spawning.
Though some of the COD maps needs some small changes to player amount. Two groups of 15 bots shooting at each other becomes very messy and confusing, I'd rather have a little less amount of players on some of the small maps, like shipment (only 10 players).

Anyways, keep up the support and suggestions.

Jan 31 2011 Anchor

Ok, I can understand that in the smallest COD maps 16 players is a bit to much. Maby make teams of 5 vs 5 players, so a total of 10 players in a map (you included)

Jan 31 2011 Anchor

Ahh, remember I fixed the issue with only 16 players, it will now default to 40 players.

Apr 14 2011 Anchor

Yea. We need more good maps. My opinion is that the forest style maps are the best.

Apr 15 2011 Anchor

Forest maps would be super cool, they are just few and most aren't that good or doesn't have AI support.

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