A mod for Battlefield 2 which converts the good old game into an airsoft skrimish. The mod is in process of moving from only singleplayer to having a multiplayer aspect.

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Mar 4 2011 Anchor

Here are my first ones:
-M16A2M203 has a weird 3D ironsight which effectively prevents player from shooting the rounds accurately
-Don't you feel the BBs go too slow?
-Some of my animations play too slow, like pistol reloading for example
-Some sound (I think M4) plays all over the map while firing, it's a stereo one (or you simply forgot to set is3dSound to 1)
I think that's all.
Also, I gotta admit that the gameplay is pretty exciting and I would love to play through the Internet or LAN.

Mar 5 2011 Anchor

1. Fixed
2. Dunno, will look in to it though.
3. Might speed it up a little. (Do you have any matching sounds?)
4. Fixed (Forgot to change the 1p to 3p)

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