Basic quality of life mod for Diablo II Resurrected

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Basic QoL


Diablo II Resurrected Basic QoL

Basic quality of life mod for Diablo II Resurrected


Main Features

Stack Size
- Key stack size increased from 12 to 50
- Tome stack size increased from 20 to 80
- Arrow and bolt stack size increased to 500
Town Cast
- Enable additional spells to be cast in town
-- Teleport, Thunderstorm, Armageddon, Hurricane
-- Charge, Leap, Shout, Battle Orders, Battle Command
- Allow some spells to be cast in Werewolf and Werebear
-- Teleport, Shout, Battle Orders, Battle Command
Quest Bug
- Always get quest drops from Andariel
- Even if you forget to talk to Warriv
- New cube recipe for unsocketing
- Scroll of Town Portal + Socketed Item
- Unsockets items without destroying runes
- Free, unlimited respeccing
- New cube recipe for respec token
- Scroll of Town Portal + Scroll of Identify
Item Level
- Display item level next to item names
World Event
- Herbs can be bought from Gheed
- Herbs can be sold to spawn Diablo Clone
- Standard of Heroes can also spawn Diablo Clone
Cow Level
- Create portal without Wirt's Leg
- New cube recipe for Cow Level Portal
- Transmute a Tome of Town Portal in the cube

Optional Features

Loot Filter
- Highlights important items
- Shortens the names of junk drops
Expanded Storage
- Inventory increased to 8x10
- Stash and cube increased to 13x16


1. Download the most recent release and extract the files

2. Transfer offline save files into the basic-qol save folder (see instructions below)

3. Add any optional features that you want to include (see instructions below)

4. Open your file manager and navigate to your D2R installation directory, usually located in `C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II Resurrected`

5. Create a folder named mods in the D2R installation directory if it doesn't already exist

6. Create a folder named basic-qol in the mods folder if it doesn't already exist

7. Copy basic-qol.mpq into the basic-qol folder, which should look like this:

`C:\Program FIles (x86)\Diablo II Resurrected\mods\basic-qol\basic-qol.mpq`

8. Create a new shortcut for D2R.exe on your Desktop

9. Right click on the new shortcut, select properties, and add the -mod basic-qol -txt parameters

10. Start Diablo II Resurrected using the new shortcut and enjoy the quality of life features

How to Transfer Save Files

1. Open your file manager and navigate to your D2R save file directory, usually located in `C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\D2R`

2. Create a folder named `mods` in the D2R save file directory if it doesn't already exist

3. Create a folder named `basic-qol` in the `mods` folder if it doesn't already exist

4. Copy and paste your character save files into the `basic-qol` folder

How to Add Features

1. Open the `basic-qol.mpq` and `optional` folders in your file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer)

2. Navigate to the optional subdirectory for the feature that you want to add (e.g. lootfilter)

3. Copy the `data` folder into `basic-qol.mpq` and select merge when prompted


Loot filter files created by Cbraqz
Expanded inventory files created by Bonesy

Battle Orders

Add file RSS Files
Basic QoL v2.0

Basic QoL v2.0

Full Version

This version adds support for the changes in patch 2.4

Basic QoL v1.51

Basic QoL v1.51

Full Version 2 comments

Basic quality of life mod for Diablo II Resurrected


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The expanded storage doesn't work and the game crashes shortly after launching a game. Actually on closer inspection nothing in this mod works. Can't respec, can't unsocket items, the stacking doesn't work, nothing does and I followed the instructions.

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cyhyraeth Creator

Did you add the -mod basic-qol -txt parameters to the D2R.exe shortcut?

Thanks for letting me know btw. I had forgotten to add the -txt parameter to the instructions. They've been fixed and should work now.

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