Back2Fronts is an extensive mod that will overhaul your Call of Duty 2 game to a next level. This mod brings more variety, intensity, realism and battle-like experience. Try new weapons, fight new enemies, fulfil new missions and explore new options. Mod is SP and MP friendly (although primary part is SP).

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It is an excellent work that these guys are doing. With more models and new animations for COD2. The new sprint is fantastic.


this Mod will be a extravaganza in all of Call of Duty 2 realism mods and i would advice if you could recruit some Call of Duty 2 Single Player Campaign mappers ... its like create a campaign with maps from real battles from 1939-1945 ... anyway its just my advice ...... Keep up the good work !!!

+Essentially Gun porn. The amount of smooth looking and realistic weapons is amazing the first time you feast your eyes on each of the weapons. Many new weapons/grenades are very nice right down to the smallest detail. As is some of the new effects/sounds I keep noticing.
+The variations of enemies is also a nice addition. Some of the new vehicles play a small role but I appreciate them alot. Alot of love to the people that made them.

-+B2Fronts options and combat options are a nice addition because we get to fine tune our Hud/hints but it keeps resetting upon restarting the game, and it keeps resetting Scope Exit on Damage to No and Enable Health Bar to No during the game which is annoying.
-+Sprinting and changing fire rates is a nice addition although awkward to use, you have to hold the use key for fire rates and double tapping the use key to sprint (so I end up not sprinting but instead picking weapons up or many times it doesn't even work, ie bugs out before you can sprint or taking to long to change fire rates).

-New weapons are great, as our their 'variants' with different scopes... but there are many instances when I'm carrying a scoped weapon and can't pick up more ammo even though I'm starring at the same unscoped weapon on the ground. Its a nice addition but its a very unrealistic limitation that you need to have the EXACT same weapon name regardless of whether that weapon shares the same ammo.

-Germans seem to be alot more accurate than I remember, so much so its hard to recommend this mod. Its most noticeable in one of the new missions; the Leningrad mission. I end up getting mowed down regardless of what I do when rushing the enemy, for some reason the enemy mostly shoots at me and not my friends. I managed to get past the first rush forward by popping in and out from behind the wooden cart while my friends take care of the enemy. But the 2nd rush forward after I clear all the trenches is impossible, with only a few thin trees that don't do a good job at all at blocking bullets, I die in a few seconds. I even tried hiding behind my team mates which only gets them either killed or knocked to the ground. This is probably a consequence of more accurate German weapons which does not go well with this map. The enhanced accuracy of enemies is generally not a good thing since I end up getting hit so often that it kinda takes me out of the mission 'immersion' wise, makes Veteran difficulty really hard & makes friendly AI look more weak than usual.

-I think perhaps it would have been best to leave out the Leningrad mission out and polish it A.I wise and perhaps make it look less barren/empty of detail.

-Doesn't really have anything else going for it. No gore improvements, no new gametypes for multiplayer, no new campaign (except for 2 German missions that I've already played in a different mod) just 9 new missions dispersed throughout the existing campaigns which didn't really add anything spectacular to the experience that would make me want to recommend the mod based on them IMO.


great work with animations, skins, realism!!! i hope this mod will be finished strong!


Estor_ says

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Mate, this is amazing :D
I must say that i feel dumb for being so toxic before. Good to see this mod to be released :)

Edit: added my thoughts after playing the mod. I might edit review again sometime.

Things that should be improved:
Some sounds are bad.
Make weapon selection better (before starting a mission you can choose the weapons and grenades you want, like in BO2)<--how weapon selection should be.
Germans have too god damn many anti tank weapons (imagine cqb in ww2 with rocket noobs)
Weapons in semi auto don't share ammo with weapons in full auto (lets say mp40 is in semi auto but you can't pickup mp40 ammo)


gamerethioper says

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This mod is most likely the best thing ever. but like all other mods, it has downsides.


The AI here is good, but kinda ridiculous. sometimes, they throw smoke grenades indoors for no reason. like, in the mission Angoville, when the American soldier kicks the door open, he tosses a smoke grenade instead of an actual grenade. and the germans do that too. Machine guns in this mod are weird. they all target the player and if you're in a open field, you're screwed. the can spot you even if they're not facing your direction. i think in this mod, you'll mostly die by the MG's.

so far, i only found one glitch here. with the BAR. keep in mind that Taylor pulls the bolt on the left side all the way back then pulls out the magazine. when he does that...the bolt somehow goes back to the position it was when there was no ammo. and the De Lisle carbine, when you pull the bolt, the animation repeats twice.


you see some new, great maps in here. however, it would be fun if more maps with fun features we're added. like, in the Angoville map, the fact that you could call the navy was nice. it would be good if new maps we're added. and one of the suggestions i have is Sicily together with an Italian Army addon. it would be the best.

*Weapon Usage and Models*

The Models are accurate. but, there is one german model that stands out. you see a model of a german soldier with a spanish flag on the side of his helmet. assuming he is a spanish volunteer, it's unrealistic because Franco did send volunteers, but to fight in the EASTERN FRONT against the Soviets, not against the Americans and British. the weapon usage is okay. but the female soldier always has a shotgun. you never see a female model with a mosin or a ppsh. and apart from that, the PPS-42 is never seen in the Russian Campaign.

*Campaign* (Keep in mind, i played this on singleplayer)

The Mission "Sniper's War" is hard and fun. however, there is one part that gets in your nerves. when you charge in the field, the chances of you getting gunned down by a MG-42 is likely. apart from that, German soldiers come out of the buildings and go in the middle of the field. and no matter how many of them die, they keep spawning until you get to the trenches. it would be better if the german soldiers stayed in the trenches with the machine guns instead of running out in the field.

The Mission "Leningrad" in incredibly hard. when you charge, there is almost no cover and the only way to make it to the trenches is spam smoke grenades and take cover behind your friendlies. because really, all the 2-3 Machine Guns in the trench will target you first, then your friendlies second. it would be better if there was more cover, or at least some T-34's so the player could take cover behind them.

In The Mission "88 Ridge", the Tiger tanks are incredibly hard to destroy, even if you try to attack them from behind. not only that, but i Saw a M4 Sherman take 7 Tiger hits and he was still up.

In "The Tiger" Mission, after the Tiger tank destroys the M4 Sherman near the town hall, it reverses. after it reverses, you can simply go in front of the tank and it won't do anything. the tank won't try to kill you or anything. it'll just sit there. even if you hit it with a rocket, it'll still sit there.

In "The Silo" Mission, after clearing the town, you have to climb the ladder up the Silo. you can't do that because the silo know, not blown up. and the way up is blocked by a tiny door thing. after some investigation, i realized that the reason why this happened was because the Flak gun at the start of the mission was destroyed and the soldier coundn't get in it and destroy the Silo.

In the St. Lamaire mission, when you have to secure the areas (which is impossible because there is a truck with 5 germans and they try to kill you, there is two MG-42's forward and in the right there are three germans), after you secure one area, it should give you a checkpoint, right? well, guess what, it doesn't. so if you forget to save after clearing the area and you die, you'll have to start all over again and that is frustrating.

In The Mission "Bergstein" when you have to take out the halftrack, you can interact with it, but nothing happens.

so far, this mod is great. it's realistic in every way possible and you should totally check it. it's a 9/10.

Well,I give:
4 for the missions
4 for the new weapons
-2 for the innaccuracy of some uniforms (you forgot magazine pouches),regenerating health,infinite ammo for MG42 (when is mounted or is put as a stationary weapon in the game) and because lack of tactics by the enemy.
So the maximum rating this deserve is 8.


Suxev says

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Best Call of Duty Overhaul I've ever seen. New tons of weapons, grenades, uniforms, maps...

Everybody knows, every mod, game, etc... have bugs. This mod has too, but doesn't really affect the gameplay. With bugs, it's still an awesome mod. This mod gave me a new Call of Duty 2. I fell in love with the italian weapons and the sounds from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I can't wait for the Italian Army. I hope it will be added soon, but I know, it's a hard work making those animations, skins and sounds, so keep up the amazing, great work guys.

All that graphics, Wow! Realism, WOW! Even the tryouts,WOOOAAAAHHHH

Looks great!

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It is an excellent work that these guys are doing. With more models and new animations for COD2. The new sprint is fantastic.

Nov 4 2011 by Triby