This mod includes all the new Territories and some new ones I am working on, new WWII map icons and units, new dismounted infantry, Battleship Texas, hidden units on WWII map and much more.

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A&A RTS Mod World Domination. Six Countries, “129 NEW TERRITORIES” in WWII, no allies. Special thanks to theharkonnen for his tutorial on making new additional territories in WWII What I have done here is taken what I consider the best parts of all the mods I could find and added much more. I thank everyone who has contributed to constructing a mod Some of the RTS maps are very large so they take time to load be patient "You go to WAR with the army you got" and there are many surprises When you are outnumbered each enemy army will have its full monetary value added when going to RTS, no more beating 20 armies with 1. Your enemy is now able to build in RTS in proportion to its size on the WWII map The AI will create Supply Depots and many regiments. Be prepared Technologies only available on the WWII map, you cannot purchase technologies in RTS In Custom Maps and Scenario’s Technologies are available in Corps HQ, Airfields, Supply, Oil and Ammo Depots

Axis & Allies RTS Mod World Domination
88nosebleed Author

Let me know what you think. I put a lot of effort into those WWII map icons to get them to work.

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88nosebleed Author

A little note about the Infiltration Armies, you may not be able to see them but the AI can see them and maneuver them with no problem on the WWII map.

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Grate MOD M8! Loved it

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88nosebleed Author

Glad to hear it, there is more to come!!!!

Now I have incorporating the AImod into this version. (by AntitankFile)
You can download it here.

This mod was made for the 10 country Chinese mod and works very well in that mod.
It makes units and HQ’s so quick but not much of a cross section of what’s available for units.
It does a very good job at deploying supply depots & HQ's on the front lines to assist the AI in its attacks.

I have modified it and it also works very well in my mod.
Creates and entirely different game.
It does a very good job at launching attacks quickly and constantly.

I had to lower the unit count to 40. You can get overrun very easily.
It makes units and HQ’s so quick but not much of a cross section of the units that are available.
I am working on getting more variety of units out of it now and making good progress.

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Hello 88nosebleed
I love this mod but am very frustrated at the number of times the game crashes - every 15-30 minutes and I forget to keep saving. I have noted two error messages:
Thing failed to init:bomb (ID=23247) and (ID=23250) failed to load projectile because ability definition was NULL
Thing failed to init:rocket_projectile (ID=25940) and (ID=235941) failed to load projectile because ability definition was NULL
Can anything be done to stop the crashes please?
Also noticed that the 'SS Heavy Mech Inf' unit has two images that look like trees and they mention 'Missing String'
Anyway, many thanks for this amazing mod.

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I love the fact that you go to war with the army you got like in total war - and not have to create new ones each battle.

I have to play this, even though i would prefer a version with all the additional factions from other mods such as Finland etc. I believe they were sixteen?

Also, is it possible to play with the correct alliances as well?

Btw, i have an older mod installed (haven't played this game in forever) and it CTD:s in the middle of RTS battles/custom battles. I hope this doesn't?

That mod has additional SS units and Swastika banners for Germany etc. Will such things work in mods like this?

Germany without the swastika isn't as badass.

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