A&A RTS Total War Smack Down. Six Countries, “83 NEW TERRITORIES” in WWII, no allies. Special thanks to theharkonnen for his tutorial on making new additional territories in WWII. What I have done here is taken what I consider the best parts of all the mods I could find and added much more since the last release. Some of the RTS maps are very large and have lots of water so they take time to load be patient it is worth it. Some are very small and they are a real dogfight. "You go to WAR with the army you got" and there are many surprises. When you are outnumbered each enemy army will have its full monetary value added when going to RTS, no more getting shortchanged or beating 20 armies with 1. Your enemy will now be able to build in RTS in proportion to its size on the WWII map.

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