Autumn Sunshine — is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, dedicated to disturbing and enchanting autumn season. Updated (2014) version.

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ReadMe from the main version of the mod (version with auto installation). How to install mod, hints and tips, full list of features, list of things that were added in updated edition and other.

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This is ReadMe from the main mod, version with auto installation!

(ReadMe from version with manual installation has a few differences, but globally is the same).

Main mod has two instruction files: ReadMe_EN.txt and Gameplay_EN.txt.

Autumn Sunshine

Updated edition


1. Install
2. Problems and solutions
2.1. Hints and tips in gameplay
2.2. Performance problems
2.3. System requirements
3. Innovations
4. Authors [in full readme]


Before the installation you may make copy of the game folder, automatically uninstall is not implemented. It would be better if you disable before installation anti-virus and
firewall — they can corrupt the extraction of files. Prepare clean, without other mods, copy of GTA San Andreas. Mod in version with auto installation does not have compatibility
with HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition [but version with manual installation is have]. Recommend not to install mods after Autumn Sunshine.

Open Setup.exe. Select the game folder and install. During the installation do not close appearing windows.


On Windows Vista, 7, 8 run game only in compatibility (with Windows XP) mode. If you have problems on these operation systems, see «Bonus\Compatibility with Windows Vista, 7, 8» folder.

You can run the game and from old shortcut, and from new shortcut that will be created after installation in Start menu and desktop.


2.1. Hints and tips in gameplay

... You can see in Gameplay_EN.txt.


2.2. Performance problems

On some computers can be performance problems. But do not worry.

Another unique feature of the mod (inherent to all mods from «The Seasons» series) is a powerful optimization and flexibility: with a special ENBSelector menu
(open enb_selector.exe in the game folder or a shortcut on the desktop) you can pick the optimal parameters, change a lot of settings and game will work on any computer.

In updated version of the mod was added (also unique) function of changing textures quality almost «on the fly»: you can select in menu low quality of textures,
and after game restart, game will use low resolution textures instead of HD-textures. If game works slow or closes in places with new objects or textures, this will help you.
And conversely: with one click a button you can return the high quality textures.

Also do not forget about options menu in the game: disable, for a start, anti-aliasing and vertical synchronization — it will give a nice speed boost.
Close other applications before the game and defragment your hard drive and do other operations necessary for correct work of operation system.


2.3. Other problems

* If game displays windows about the lack of DLL-files, see «Bonus» folder.

* If you can not run game — mod is not installed correctly, try to reinstall mod; also try to delete gta_sa.set from folder with saves.

* If after minimizing sounds of nature continue to play, you have minimized the game not properly. Before minimizing press ESC.

* It would be better if you move files from CLEO\saves from other copy of game with installed mod to this copy of the game with Autumn Sunshine (or from other The Seasons mod to
CLEO\saves in folder with current copy of Autumn Sunshine). If game crashes when you load your savegame, can help clearing of CLEO\saves, but, probably, you'll have to
buy the Hunter's House again.

* CLEO 4 library has some sound issues: sometimes sounds disappear. Set basic acceleration of sound or disable it, in dxdiag utility (Start menu > Run > dxdiag).
On Windows Vista, 7, 8 try to disable processing of sound in system settings.

* Included mod Project Oblivion 2010HQ has some problems with collisions; if it is needed, you can use teleport tool; also you can install two copies of the game — clear and with mod;
if what — you can pass mission in clear game and then return to game with mod.

* Image.
** When (if in game menu was set low quality of graphics) you look at the fire and image gets darker, set low quality of graphics also in ENBSelector.
** If you have problems with graphics, you can try disable ENBSeries library (open enbseries.ini and near «UseEffect» set «0» instead of «1») or manually edit settings
(for example, for disabling motion blur effect near «EnableMotionBlur» set «0» instead of «1»).
** Reflective bump-mapping on the textures was disabled by default in the mod, you can enable it (near «EnableReflectiveBump» set «0» instead of «1»).
Also was disabled depth of field effect (near «EnableDepthOfField» set «1» to enable it) and some other ambiguous effects — try to experiment!

* Compatibility.
For SA-MP use special version — Autumn Sunshine: SA-MP Edition.
Mod (in version with auto installation) does not have compatibility with HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition! For this use Autumn Sunshine with manual installation.
** Installing other mod after Autumn Sunshine is undesirable, but you can do it on your own risk; do not forget about backups; some files were moved to new IMG archives.
** Most correct way — install mod on a clean copy of GTA San Andreas and after install nothing.


2.4. System requirements

System requirements, suitable for playing on the maximum parameters: processor with level of Intel Core i3 2.93 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM, graphics card with level of ASUS EAH5750 1 GB.

But if you lower post-procceing settings — mod will be less demanding.


* The game looks autumnally!
Some parts of location now have totally new textures and better looks. This is countryside (with forest territories), Angel Pine, Chilliad mountain, Bayside town, El-Quebrados,
Fern Ridge, beach in Los Santos, some parks, a lot of roads and different surfaces and other. In general, we can say that the mod changes the appearance of the game.

Textures of some of these places were already changed in Spring Season and Endless Summer, but in Autumn Sunshine textures were made with an accent to the autumn time:
grass is other now and there are many — on grass and pavement, roads — fallen leaves.

Most of textures are photorealistic and based on the author's photos, and another feature is using textures from HRT 1.4 (,
(but textures of nature in Autumn Sunshine, of course, are unique).

* Autumn trees!
Beatific decoration of the mod — are autumn trees with yellow, orange, reddish, and sometimes almost green (as always happens in nature) leaves.

Trees are based on Project Oblivion 2010HQ mod; textures were seriously reworked.

* New objects!
In some places on the location were installed new objects.

For example, Hunter's House in the forest (originally first appeared in the Spring Season, in every The Seasons mod it was seriously refined and improved, and in the updated
autumn edition — see below details about it — it was seriously improved again).

A lot of objects in the forest including abandoned well — it has its own history. Like a windmill on the hill beyond the forest... Pavilion behind the CJ's house in Angel Pine.
Changing that connected with abandoned airport in the desert (once was released as a separate mod) — now it is more comfortable and enjoyable. Were added «Protect nature» signs
in countryside; bar on the beach in Los Santos that is already not so visited as in summer mod, but still opened and more other.

Were made a lot of changes, connected with oncoming on the state Halloween: near the houses in towns were installed pumpkins, were added holiday billboards and pictures with
Halloween symbolic, bar in Ganton and Binco shop changed signboards; in countryside near the houses some people cultivated the pumpkins.

* In Angel Pine village an exhibition of vegetables is held this autumn. Good chance to look at the giant pumpkins!

* Additional changes.
Changed textures of Johnson House; were made other texture little things like new parachute; tent now has autumn camouflage (read bellow about the tent;
in each The Seasons mod it looks different); were changed dozens, if not hundreds, minor textures.

* Changed day-night (timecyc) parameters.

* Were made special graphics parameters for included ENBSeries library that stylized picture to the autumn colors.

* Was made exclusive menu for changing graphics — ENBSelector; with this menu user can configure mod for good performance on any computer.

* Improved particle effects, used completely new photorealistic textures of water and the sky, sky now is a real autumn sky.

* More people on the streets (were changed peds parameters).

* There are several new types of clothing (more info in Gameplay_EN.txt).

* New weapons — hunter's knife, hunter's rifle and... wooden stick (you can find it in the forest).

* New girls models, some new pedestrians.

* Halloween costumes for pedestrians (Can be enabled or disabled by user! See details below).

* Animals in the wild: two species of wolves, bears, black bears, foxes and coyotes! (And also chickens and roosters near the farms and dog, with which hunters are walking).

* A lot of new opportunities.
Except a powerful visual side, feature of The Seasons mods is new interesting opportunities in gameplay. Autumn Sunshine absorbed the full force of the scripting part of Endless Summer,
also were added new exclusive things (for details — file Gameplay_EN.txt).
** «Autumn sounds of nature»;
** «Tent 2.0»;
** «The Hunt» (as other scripts, this first appeared in Spring Season, in Endless Summer was extended and improved, in Autumn Sunshine too, was added a new animal — the coyote);
** «Hunter's House»;
*** «Attic in the Hunter's House» (with this script you can enter to the attic)
** «Fireplace»;
** «Umbrellas»;
** «Chicken»;
** «Pavilion»;
** «Ferris Wheel»;
** «Bar»;
** «Sleep in Journey» («Journey HD»);
** «Wardrobe with Halloween clothes»;
** «Falling leaves» (for Autumn Sunshine was improved the script from SA Overdose Effects mod);
** «Sticks pickups» and «Exhibition of vegetables pickups» (pickups — the points where player can find weapons, in the mod were added new weapons);
** Technical script cave_bug_fix.cs that fixes some Project Oblivion mod bug and some other scripts.

* A lot of Easter Eggs.

... And other innovations!

Used mods by other authors: Project Oblivion 2010HQ by kromvel and Black Hole, PedSwimFix and No Begin Screen Patch by Alexander Blade, flickr.asi (ThirteenAG),
Project Reality by dinuxx, SA Overdose Effects 1.4 by Function-X- and Zaz, HQ Radar Icons by yojo2, ENBSeries by Boris Vorontsov, CLEO4 (v4.1.1.30f) by Seemann and Alien;
fires script by V-Driver, some models are based on free distributing models. Thanks to authors.


What has been done in the updated in 2014 edition?

* New English translation;

* Was seriously redone Hunter's House: now it has windows; were used new materials for model of the house, with help of them roof now is sprinkled with leaves;

* In Pershing park now you can see detailed voluminous piles of fallen leaves;

* Pavilion is also sprinkled with leaves;

* Were remade a lot of forest and countryside textures and added new textures of autumn forest territories, textures now are more seamless and have beatific transitions;

* Were remade observatory textures and changed texture mapping on the observatory building;

* Were added MIP-maps on absolutely all textures in the mod, this optimization helps to improve performance and makes the graphics more pleasant;

* Were added MIP-maps on the trees, now they do not blinking and look smoothed;

* Were added new objects to the vegetables exhibition;

* Improved model of the bar on Santa Maria beach and its textures;

* Halloween costumes: player can, with using of new special menu, enable of disable festive costumes for state residents! Earlier (in original version of the mod) these costumes,
though were included with the mod as addition in «Bonus» folder, should have been installed after the mod. Now, thanks to a number of decisions, these costumes are installed
already with mod, and player can «wear» peds to the costumes or return them previous view simply by pressing the menu button. This is a really unique feature of mod that was
worth the considerable efforts;

* Included fix for the mod that was released in 2011 after release of original Autumn Sunshine (was fixed bug, when game crashes if player use parameter «Original grass»,
selected in mod's menu, instead of this parameter, to the menu was added «Disable grass» button);

* Included memory512 script by fastman92 instead of SA Stream Memory Fix;

* Included more new version of CLEO 4 library (v4.1.1.30f);

* Included more new version of ENBSeries graphic library (v0.076 instead of v0.075c test2) with the possibility to disable reflective bump-mapping effect on the textures;

* In consequence of using the more new ENBSeries, were improved graphics settings that were made special for the mod, reflective bump-mapping now disable by default;

* Was improved exclusive menu for changing of graphics settings (ENBSelector) and added English translation as a tooltips;

* From menu for changing graphics user now can select quality of textures. Earlier, in original version of mod, user could install textures in low quality separately, after mod installation.
Now (and this is again unique feature of this mod, that never was made in other mods) user can just click on the button in menu to change quality of textures and the next
launch game will use other textures. All this made really cool technically and does not require any additional installations or waiting;

* Of course, were moved all improvements from updated (in 2013) Endless Summer (, because these mods are related;

* Fixed some glitches, for example, when on the screen displays part of the picture on the wall model, when CJ goes from the wardrobe room;

* To add variety to the new peds (that also attended in Endless Summer), were changed some their textures;

* As a nice addition were included some textures from HRT 1.4 mod (,, like new Sprunk machines textures and Ferris Wheel;

* Were repacked all bonus materials, their installation more easy now. From Bonus folder were removed HQ-textures for forest because they were remade and included already in the mod;

* Compatibility with Windows Vista, 7, 8;

* A lot of other little changes.

The whole mod was revised and «collected» anew, now mod is better: more stable, more interesting and more beautiful!

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