Autumn Sunshine — is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, dedicated to disturbing and enchanting autumn season. Updated (2014) version.

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Document dedicated to the gameplay features (Gameplay_EN.txt) from the main mod.

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This is document dedicated to the gameplay features (Gameplay_EN.txt) from the main mod.

Main mod has two instruction files: ReadMe_EN.txt and Gameplay_EN.txt.

Autumn Sunshine

Tips and tricks


1. Using scripts
2. New keyboard shortcuts
3. Where to find new clothes
4. Where to find new weapons
5. Halloween costumes


The mod has several CLEO-scripts that were made special for mod and provide different opportunities. You can always remove any script simply deleting the file from the \CLEO.

* «The Hunt» (file: hunting.cs). The mod has an opportunity to hunt wolves, bears, foxes and coyotes. On the map (file Map.gif in \ReadMe\Autumn Sunshine)
places where you can see predators are colored with red.

If an animal has wounded Carl, he needs to put a bandage on the wound. In the forest you can find the hunters, sometimes they would be with the dog (do not forget that they are friends for you).

You can offer the hunter to hunt with you, you just need to press G, highlighting him right mouse button. Hunter will accompany you, in addition, he can use your camera (press Tab to give him camera)
to photograph you with the trophy. To «let go» hunter, you need to run away from him far enough.

* «Hunter’s House» (file: domik_buy.cs). In mod there is Hunter’s House (marked on the map). House brings a small revenue through that it is used by other hunters as a temporary refuge.

** «Attic in Hunter’s House» (file: mystery1.cs). With this script player can enter the attic in Hunter’s House.

* «The House in Bayside» (file: domik2_buy.cs). With this script you can buy house in Bayside.

* «Sounds of Autumn Nature» (file: nature.cs). This script plays sounds of nature in the game.

* «Tent 2.0» (file: palatka.cs). This script allows you to install the tent.

* «Pavilion» (file: pavilion.cs). This script allows you to sit (press E for this) in the garden house, which is located behind Carl’s house in Angel Pine.

* «Fireplace» (file: fireplace.cs). With this script in various parts of the locations you can see people sitting around a bonfire. Hunters also like picnics in the wood.

* «Umbrellas» (file: umbrella.cs). With this script, people walking in the rain with umbrellas.

* «Chicken» (file: chicken.сs). At several points in the state you’ll find small pens with chickens and roosters. Sometimes, in some villages, you will hear a rooster’s scream!

* «Ferris Wheel» (file: koleso.cs). This feature allows Carl to ride in the Ferris Wheel (on the beach in Los Santos). For use go to the ticket office and press E to buy a ticket.
When you prove on the top — press E to descend.

* «Bar» (file: bar.cs). This script adds a bar on the Santa Maria beach. If you want, you can drink. Just go to the bar, and press E.

* «Sleep in Journey» («Journey HD») (file: journey_sleep.cs). In Journey (the travel trailer) you can sleep. To do this press Shift + Y while you are in the car.

* «Locker with Halloween clothes» (file: locker.cs). In the wardrobe room there is a new locker with masquerade clothes like mask of burglar, comical glasses etc.
To use: stand on the marker near locker. Switching between things — arrow buttons, choosing things — , exit menu — Enter.

* «Sticks pickups» and «Exhibition of vegetables pickups» (files: pickups.cs, exposition_pickup.cs). Adding the points where you can find weapons like stick or rifle.

Scripts by other authors:

* «Falling leaves» (файл: pF_flyingstuff.cs). Modified for Autumn Sunshine script from Overdose Effects mod that adds flying leaves.

* «Making fire» (file: fires.cs). This script allows you to make a fire.

* «PedSwimFix» (file: PedSwimFix.cs). Passers do not sink, falling into the water.

There is something interesting in folder «Bonus»!


* Shift + M — bandage.
* P + Shift — install a tent (for save: Y) (install tent only on flat surface).
* Shift + F — make a fire.
* Shift + Y — sleeping & saving (in Journey).
* E — action (seat in the pavilion, buy the ticket to the Ferris Wheel etc).


In mod Autumn Sunshine there are several kinds of new clothes.

* Black suede jacket > replaces jeans jacket at Zip.

* Warm sweater «In Flame We Trust» > replaces sweater «Slappers» in ProLaps.

* Denim shorts > replace basketball shorts in ProLaps.

* Gray camo cap > replaces green cap in ProLaps.

* Black T-Shirt > replaces green T-Shirt Eris in Binco.

* T-shirt with a pumpkin > replaces T-Shirt «Sharp» in Binco.

* White T-shirt «I Love Autumn» > replaces white T-shirt «I love LS» in Binco.

* Green camo cap > replaces trucker cap in Binco.

* Two kinds of new camo pants > replace camo pants in Binco.

* Blue summer jeans > replace red jeans in Sub Urban.

* Blue cap with sea wave > replaces blue cap in Sub Urban.


There are new weapons in Autumn Sunshine mod.

* Hunter’s knife (replaces knife) — search in the same place where in the game were knives.

* Hunter’s rifle (replaces chrome gun) — search in Hunter’s House.

* Stick (replaces cane) — sticks can be found in the woods outside the Angel Pine.


San Andreas state is preparing to celebrate Halloween, because there is autumn in the game. And you will decide, when celebrate. When you decide that it is time to holiday, people in the state
dress up to the scary costumes.

(In original Autumn Sunshine costumes installed separately, as addition, after mod. But with help of unique realization in updated Autumn Sunshine user can change costumes just by
pressing the button in special menu).

For opening menu: open shortcut «Halloween costumes menu» in «Start» menu or from desktop, or open the file peds_menu.exe in the game folder.

In menu you can choose one of variants (peds in costumes or peds in usual clothes) and press the button for apply; before select another variant or start the game, wait about 10 seconds.

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