Because my last mod "Dat ROCK" was a complete flop, I have created a new one. I might bring back dat ROCK in the inevitable future. This is in closed alpha and very simple as of now, but it will become amazing. You are in a (visually stunning) room, the textures are being updated as I'm writing this, sadly I couldn't get a Portal 2 mod working. How will you kill yourself?

Completely custom textures (Almost, 70%)
A way to kill yourself (0%)
A completely custom animation and sprinting system(DONE)
Day & Night cycle (50%)
Day count without killing yourself(0%)
There are some more, but only little things, not major.

Thanks guys!


Want to add anything special to this mod? Comment your ideas! Have anything to ask about the mod? Ask below. And hit me up on Steam!

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BionicCoyote - - 1,250 comments

Wow, this one actually looked like it would've been good...

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Predator009 - - 72 comments

Oh come on!!

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☭Я34-Д21-20☭ - - 43 comments


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Predator009 - - 72 comments

when will it be released?

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ItsTheDoctor2 - - 8 comments

Is This Mod Dead???

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TheXpertnoob - - 19 comments

You should rename the mod "Hotel California". (because you can check out anytime you like, but you may never leave) Unless, of course, there's another way to end the game aside from killing yourself. I'm very interested (and a little concerned about) seeing how you're going to keep the game interesting enough to play after you've experimented with all the ways of killing the character. If it were up to me, I'd have the player slowly driven to the brink of insanity with every passing day spent isolated from the outside world, causing them to have increasingly horrifying visual interpretations of the events occuring in both the interior and exterior of the house. This would cause the player to have more of an incentive to not only play, but make attempts to kill themselves in game as it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate reality from hallucinations. Although, be sure to have events and objects (ie. jump scares, fake visitors, the placement of rooms and/or furniture) randomized on every playthrough should you decide to use my idea.

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ItsTheDoctor2 - - 8 comments


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MaxFreeman - - 1 comments

this looks promising. always wanted a mod where you can kill youreself in multiple ways. will there be a way to suicide with a revolver? tracking.

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Guest - - 693,241 comments

Ideas:Breaking head with help wall/floor.Get Chair and splash your head.Break window and hmm... cut yourself :D.Hungry die.break window and eat Glass.Hmm no ideas

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LiveMChief - - 283 comments


Really interested with this, looks very cool.

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dasgewdsloth Creator
dasgewdsloth - - 3 comments

Thank you for your interest. This mod was started the day I created this account(8 Dec) and should be able to play by the 20th.

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