One-man mod. Planed to have over 40 playable factions. Going for realism with units ragin' from as early as late world war 2 to near future units. Mod will be release in the near future, as i plan to release early betas instead of holding on to something that never get released anyway.

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Jun 18 2011 Anchor

that's what i find for now:

we cant built Apache and black hawk and Little bird doesn't shot any rockets
Anti air missile are to weak and too slow and they shot ground targets
Stryker should have a slight increase in speed
and increase Abrams range
we cant build battle drone any more to repairs tanks so can you make any thing that we can use for repairing?
as soon as you build the airfield the game crashes.

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Jun 19 2011 Anchor

yeah happens to me to

Jun 23 2011 Anchor

at usa im having proplem with
the humvee dosent fire at the target i select it fire randomly at any target it want
the suport humvee have the same proplem
the helecopter at the hq drop strange pink boxes that do damage to my helecopter when i select snipe attack i dun kno of that is normal
the ranger dosent have an icon only a pink long line but u cant see the unit
the mutt jeep fav all it color is pink and it dosent do any thing
i build the buildings and got all the general promotion but cant build some units like (sniper-rocketluncher infantry-longbow helecopter and black hawk)
and at the swedish or super wepon general the jeep have same proplem as the humvee and shot the target it want when an enemy come near it. it dosent let me chose the target

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