Assault Coop Mod is all about co-op! Each map will include save points, objectives, events, and even a mini-storyline to it. Players will be able to make tactical plans to take out enemy strongholds. You will fight to complete the mission along with your friends and along with some AI allies. Coop mappers can customize their maps with over 20+ custom/edited triggers. Survival, Waves, Campaign, Escort, Tower Defense style maps? Yes they can be made in Far Cry with Assault Coop Mod

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Jan 28 2009 Anchor

Ok, Well I got the Assault coop mod and I took the coop's version of Mp_Dam and attempted to make it more interesting by throwing in a few triggers such as a helicopter taking off and flying by a cliff, sharks in the water, a reinforcement truck with 6 guys coming to the 2nd flag, and some other things. Anyway when I load up the map in the assault mod, because all I did was modify the map, none of the triggers seem to work and they did work when I tested them in the editor. I'm fairly new to the cryengine but am spending a lot of time on it and learning how it runs and I don't know if I just have to change a few things about the map properties or if it's the whole mod's script that doesn't allow the triggers. If anyone has an answer as to why please let me know.

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