Third Age Total War sub-mod that features the Kingdom of Arnor as its own start-up campaign faction. The old glory & splendor of the Ancient Kingdom of Arnor shall be renewed!

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A stand-alone updated version of Arnor Reforged mod featuring fixes for unit textures, portraits, campaign map and improvements to campaign gameplay, faction-balancing, menu-screens, & much more! Main feature: very interesting and challenging campaign-playable Rebel faction that can recruit all units! (Renamed "Independent Realms").

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Arnor Reforged is back as version 2.0 due to major changes from last release.

If you haven't read the summary description before, just know that this is a submod to Third Age Total War 3.2 (TATW 3.2), which, as the name suggests, focuses on having the Arnor faction campaign-playable from the BEGINNING.

In TATW 3.2, one would have to play as Free Peoples of Eriador faction and meet certain criteria, before converting it to Arnor faction. Which, not only was the conversion not 100% complete (some things remained from Eriador faction), but by the time you get there, THE CAMPAIGN IS PRETTY MUCH OVER.

Not anymore! Not only does this mod allow you to play as Arnor from the get-go, but all units, labels, culture-settings, textures, and other campaign items are 100% Arnorian, period!


Previous releases had minor issues with campaign building construction, unit textures, cultural settings, family tree, and recruitment. Version 2.0 is quite possibly light-years ahead of these problems!


1. Gandalf and Aragorn are no longer chrome, and have texture for Arnor faction.

2. Arnor had no campaign start-up relationships with any factions, not even rebels! This has been adjusted; Arnor starts off allied with Gondor, and at war with Eriador & Rebels.

3. Arnor faction still had captain portrait from Byzantium faction (vanilla base). This has been replaced with an Arnor soldier's portrait.

4. Many rebel settlements started off with no garrison, and were always captured right after 1st turn. These empty settlements have now been garrisoned, adding more challenge to all factions.

5. Mordor family tree was messed up; to be fixed.

I didn't stop at fixes, and so I strove on to make the gameplay more interesting, fun, and above all, unique.


1. Renamed rebels from "Bandits" to "Independent Realms" & all associated labels.

2. Changed Independent Realm's (IR's) faction symbol.

3. IR faction can now recruit all units of all factions in campaign, based upon locale. It's a great campaign for non-stop action!

4. IR can construct all buildings from all factions in campaign, based upon locale.

5. Campaign description for IR faction.

6. Campaign win conditions for IR faction.

7. New menu and loading screen backgrounds.

8. Adjusted win conditions for Arnor, Eriador & Gundabad factions.

9. Added more Dunedain start-up culture for Arnor & Eriador regions.

10. Added new rebel (AKA "Independent Realms") campaign start-up units.

11. Adjusted campaign start-up units for Arnor & Eriador factions.

12. New IR sub-factions!

13. Strengthened Arnor units to be on par with Gondor units.

14. New armor upgrade texture for Arnor Men-at-Arms (credit: Third Age Reforged team)

15. Made stronger Arnor units recruitable at earlier settlement stages (EG: Large Town barracks can recruit Arnor Men-at-Arms; this may be done a little more with other factions as well...)

16. Orc AI to be more aggressive (an attempt, may or may not be in next release).

17. Adjustments to Dwarf faction campaign income.

18. Adjustments to High Elves faction unit stats.


Some work is still left to be done before 2.0 is ready for release, but it should definitely be so within the next 1-3 months, safe guess.

Another edition of Version 2.0, "Arnor Reforged - Rampage Edition", which will be an extreme-action arcade-style adaption of Version 2.0, is in progress and should be released at the same time or shortly after regular Version 2.0, with the same fixes and improvements aforementioned.

Thank you all and hope you enjoy Version 2.0 within the next few months!

Version 2.0 ReleaseVersion 2.0 ReleaseVersion 2.0 ReleaseVersion 2.0 ReleaseVersion 2.0 ReleaseVersion 2.0 ReleaseVersion 2.0 Release


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