Third Age Total War sub-mod that features the Kingdom of Arnor as its own start-up campaign faction. The old glory & splendor of the Ancient Kingdom of Arnor shall be renewed!


Improvements are being finalized for the Third Age Total War submod: Arnor Reforged THIS WILL BE RELEASED THE NIGHT OF MAY 21ST 2019

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There are going to be improvements to the followings areas:

Campaign Menu -

  • Update to campaign overview map to demarcate your starting regions for Free Peoples & Arnor factions.
  • Campaign overview text changed for Free Peoples & Arnor factions.
  • Aragorn's portrait now displayed on campaign menu for Arnor faction.
  • New faction symbol for Arnor.

Campaign Game -

  • Improved and frequently re-spawning mercenary units (including Arnor Men-at-arms) will be available in northern Eriador regions & Shire regions to help the slow military start-up (since culture still starts out mostly "Northman", despite my efforts).
  • An additional start-up general "Aravir", along with a small army will be just South of Fornost Erain.

Further things I'm working on but will not show up yet in this coming release are-

  • Aragorn's battle-map character is "chromed out". I am trying what I can but his skin isn't translating over to Arnor faction. Anyone got ideas??
  • Gandalf's name won't appear on campaign map. Not sure why. His name is inputted like everyone else's (it's listed properly on "descr_strat" file). Anyone have suggestions?

I'm always striving for improvement in order to make the gaming experience as best as possible.

Any further ideas for improvements, please let me know. I want to hear your opinions!

Best Regards,


Submod Update v. 1.3New Start-up General & armyUpdated Arnor faction menu viewUpdated Eriador Menu screen

Check out this video of my progress for the new Arnor faction symbol -

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