Hi all, As of May 13th, there is a Third Age Total War submod that features the Kingdom of Arnor as its own start-up campaign faction. The story-line intended with this submod is not "canon" to the actual Lord of the Rings series, as Aragorn and Gandalf team up to re-establish the Lost Kingdom of Arnor in the North, and must subjugate Bree, the Shire, and the whole of Eriador back under Aragorn's rightful kingship. In the Third Age Total War vanilla version, you had to play as the Free Peoples of Eriador in order to play as Arnor. To re-establish Arnor there were certain tasks you had to do (see Aragorn's "endilimir" ancillary trait) that could only be fulfilled by the time the campaign is won, unless you use cheats. This submod skips that and allows you to enjoy the awesomeness of the Northern Dunedain to the max, from beginning to end. Also, because the Arnor faction isn't converted from Eriador in this submod, all names, labels, colors, and units are 100% accurate to Arnor.

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The Great War of the Third Age of Middle Earth is looming ahead. The Northern Dunedain's time for a resurgence is at hand. The Blade That Was Broken Shall Be Reforged! Too long has Aragorn and his Dunedain rangers wandered, kingdomless. It is time to re-establish the former glory of the Lost Kingdom of Arnor!

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