This project aims to increase the graphical quality of Armada II without making the game incompatible with other people running "normal" versions of A2. Basically this whole project started with me browsing around my computer. I came across my A2 folder and I was looking around inside the folders. I came across the textures folder and had a peep inside. A brainwave suddenly hit me, I changed the color of the welding beam in Photoshop. I then rushed into a internet game to see if my theory was right. It worked. In an internet game I had a bright red welding beam instead of a blue one. The point of this was that I could change any texture without making my game incompatible with everyone else's. My next target was the Federations Photon torpedoes, I remade them into something that looked more like a photon than a giant orange blob. It was starting to dawn on me that I was onto something. It is no secret to anybody that Armada2 is a little dated now and the graphics aren't...

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